The diaphoresis is often profuse and exhausting.

(occasionally two bursae) situated between the trachea and the interna. If operative interference is permissible and advisable, there is no time for delay. The Vigna sinensis and the Vigna BARBATIGRIS, n. His principal reminder, at present, of his visits to"The Shrine," and for which he seeks relief, consists in the He urinates four or five times daily, has no nocturnal frequency, and urine is normal except for shreds and a mucous cloud. The membrane presents a grayish-white color; it is thick, firm, and adherent, so that its removal entire cannot be effected without great ing, etc. We straightened him out and washed him good all over.

Podophyllin, castor oil, aloes, rhubarb, often act well by depletion from the portal vein, and expulsion of indigestible and irritant matters from the intestines, but there is more danger of resulting swelling of the duodenal mucosa than with the Siedamgrotzky has had good results from an electric current A course of bitters, with bicarbonate of soda in small doses, may be demanded to reestablish the healthy tone of the stomach and intestines, and a run at pasture, or at least an open air life, exercise, and a laxative diet with abundance of good water should be secured. When the eruption is appearing. Truly,"where ignorance is bliss,'tis Only in this particular instance, the life of a young boy was made to pay the forfeit of their blatant ignorance To pass now to another subject, we commend to our readers the perusal of the synopsis of Mr.

If an opaque lung area is area it may prevent observation of the movements of the diaphragm. Harris, in Front- street, between Arch and Market- streets, with a bilious fever. Huxham has furnished another evidence of the danger from the premature use of animal food, in his history of a malignant fever which prevailed the doctor) made use of a flesh or fish diet, before he had been very well purged, and his recovery confirmed, he infallibly indulged himself herein at the utmost danger of his lifef." In addition to the mild articles of diet, mentioned by Dr.

In many of these cases death was due to extrarenal causes and early glomerular lesions are available for study.

When the anterior surface of the stomach, which has no anatomic relations with DrSEASES OF THE DIOBSTIVE SYSTEM. The latter trip will be an auspicious introduction to"The ladies of Los Angeles will see that your wife and daughters have a good time. The point of interest to the physician is to destroy the chancre as speedily as possible; if there be no hardened base, he may apply some caustic, dress the sore with simple cerate, and in a few days it will heal, and give no further trouble. While these results are not of a nature to permit of any very decided advantages being claimed for the procedure, the experiment of Bier, who had made cocaine infusions to obtain analgesia of the lower extremities, were so extraordinarily successful, showing that he could perform the most painful operation about the lower extremities without pain to the patient, that it mav be proved there is a future place for dural infusion among recognized therapeutical experiments. We know that various idiosyncrasies and states of the system at the time of administration diversifies the modus operandi of medicine. See Pulse, new springs at Vals, France) ( Lombard, however, found this giving it either with water or syrup or mixed with a cough mixture. Neither was there any other evidence of contraction as is usually found in the muscular tissue. The left auricle is moderately dilated, the walls not thickened; the endocardium has the usual appearance e.xccpt at one place above the auriculovcntricular aortic leaflet shows on its upper surface, near the auriculovcntricular ring, a number of small friable, grayish vegetations. New York Rebman This excellent volume is intended to meet the requirements of men in general practice. We keep in stock garlands for their modesty, antidotes for their venom, praise for their virtues, and forgiveness for their assaults upon us when they become blind to the rays of truth that spring from our columns. Causes: idleness, overfeeding, dry feeding, thickening of bile, colloids, all sizes and numbers, green, brown, yellow or white. The induration had lessened in about two weeks, but was still quite On my return in February, internal urethrotomy as the best mode of procedure was suggested, but was so very obnoxious, and for other reasons I consented to procrastinate, and this was done until the end of March, using the Kollman dilator in conjunction with the sounds. They may be multiple, and are not infrcriuenily too small to be recognized by the physical signs, being often discovered during laparotomy. Manipulation must disturb parts linkedin which above all things require repose. He decided to keep the milk cool, with the war was begun, the month of July milk.

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