In animal studies, Docke estrogen followed by progesterone in an exact time sequence stimulated an increase in luteinizing hormone.

Physical examination revealed a thin, elderly female in aspect of her left thigh, particularly when the left hip was flexed. Vision Nine other cases are referred to of failure of sight with central scotoma in the subjects of diabetes, without ophthalmoscopic changes.

Plans are now under way for our participation in the in early January. Chemical composition; odorless and almost tasteless, and permanent in the air. Reprinted from the Archives Chicago. The unbalancing of the adaptive equation will, optimistically, over a long-term period after therapy has been terminated, institute reconstructive changes in the character structure. The space under the cracks is EMBOLUS OF A BRATSTCH OF THE RETINAL ARTERY, VISIBLE WITH THE NEARLY COMPLETE RECOVERY UNDER MASSAGE AND NITRATE Read in the Section of Ophthalmology at the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical'Association, June, iSSg. The man now eats and lives like other people, but he is still obliged to wear a slight compressive bandage, and to submit occasionally to cathetensm of the In writing on ulcerations of the uterine neck, Dr Terrillon states that this ulceration is only a mvth excepting of course specific ulcerations. Heretofore the treatment has been tentative; now it is positive and radical, displacing weeks of suffering by speedy cure. Orinase does not obviate need for maintaining standard diet regulation. Having pressed out what we could of the fluid, brought down the opening in the intestine to that in the abdomen, removed the stitches from the intestine, drawn -he lips of the external wound nearer together with adhesive plaster, applied a compress and bandages and employed the pump and tube as before, we left him for a short time, fearing that the fluid and fteces had escaped into the cavity of the abdomen, before bursting out at the external wound, and that our toil and his suffering were soon to end. Atwood it was decided to appoint a committee of threej which should take intoconsideration the subject of color blindness with a view at statutory action thereupon.

These findings suggest right ventricular hypertrophy with possible transposition of the ascending aorta to interventricular septal defect, transposition of the aorta to the right so that it overrides the right ventricle partially, and hypertrophy of the right ventricle. Marital continence purchased by a wife's iuditTerence, aversion, suffering, possibly peril to her own life, or that of her unborn offspring, is held by a mere rope of sand, and the first strong wave of passion may forever sweep it to ruin. The two experimental conferences to improve communications between medical students, interns, and residents and the State Medical Society attracted larger audiences than anticipated. The biosynthetic patterns in adrenal cancer were explored. Sir JSlorell Mackenzie, in his four typical cases of gout in the throat, mentions acute oedema of the uvula, which disappeared suddenly when an ordinary attack of gout developed, and fungous ulceration of the left ventricular band which was very like cancer. Stimulants are not nearly so potent in depressed bodily conditions, and counter-irritants will not produce their characteristic actions on the skin when the circulatory functions are at a low ebb. He gave of himself freely in that capacity, also as a teacher, and he made frequent contributions to psychiatric literature. There are claims made that they may not particularly want to have success as they use his treatment as compared to what they are doing. When there is no visible swelling and no discharge from the nose, as in the case of Celliez, the trouble may be mistaken for abscess of the lungs, as described by Lieutaud."' This patient expectorated a large amount of pus, and had fever, headache, and great prostration.

The evening session of the first day was opened by a report of the Committee on Nominations, and the report being accepted by the Association, the following were declared officers for the following year: President, of peripheral paralysis where recovery took place, although galvanic contractility had been absent six weeks. The abdomen was distended, tympanitic, and tender, especially the hypogastric region.

Lead is deposited in the tissues, especially in the liver and kidney, and is very slowly eliminated in the urine and intestinal mucus, bile, milk and saliva.

Perhaps a good means of estimating the value of the more frequently used medical journals is the extent to which these are quoted by the more practical quarterlies.

At most, the fluid is merely regurgitated from the throat, and often quite passively ejected. Absorption is not followed by poisoning, as most of the zinc is stored in the liver.

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