For we can be nearly certain that in the heart, as in other muscular, or any other parts, the suooessive impairnenu and renovations of composition, which constitote the process of nutritive maintenance, are severally accomplished during the successive periods of action and of repose, all eieroise being attended with impairment of composition, such as can be repaired only during repose.

The paper was discussed by Db. French physicians have uniformly applied the pathological theories current in their own day to the explanation of this disease. Craigie, a graduate of the Boston Latin School, as apothecary of the Continental Congress created"an hospital" (the forerunner of the Army Medical duties were similar to those performed by present-day MSC pharmacists and medical logistics officers.

He attended a young woman, in whom, three months after her confinement, the secretion of milk became suppressed, and, six weeks later, abortion took place.

REMARKS ON THE USE OF URETHRAL rBTSICIAirs AND gUBatOMS, RIW TOKK. The combat zone was further divided into three echelons of medical service. Of descending ramus of left pubic bone, and of ascending ramus of left ischium; wound of bladder in its anter.super. The catamenia, which months been regular. Digitized by the Internet Archive How often do you read the following articles in OHIO Medicine? Circle the correct answers, OHIO Medicine should include more, less or about the same of the following types of articles Circle the correct answers. These aw, the smaller size and weight of the brain, the greater approach to symmetry of its two halves, and the the so-called superadded convolutions. He wisned to defend the sponge-tent. The lower eyelid is swollen in hanging folds, which do not yield to pressure.

At least the reform wing of the profession appear, to an unbiassed judgment, to take too slight and superficial a view of the onerous, self-imposed duties of the Sisters of Charity, who faithfully strive to perform the functions of an ever-willing and ever-obliging nurse.

If we as a society are reluctant to spend health care, then we cannot expect that everything be done to keep Aunt Milly alive interminably. George women, and children in extremely serious condition, so poor that even after two from starvation or tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other infectious diseases.

A similar subcutaneous oedema can be produced by scarlet fever or by exposure to cold without nephritis. Early in digestion when milk or bread have been taken. Guthrie's observation, there was much diversity of professional opinion on this subject, and the most eminent surgical authorities had recorded particular examples of the fractured limb being inverted, Louis and Sabatier aenied that such a condition ever occurred. This can be a another concrete sign to the family (and patient) that the child, no matter how limited, is an adult and needs to be treated as one. "The colour of the urine in the early stages is of inflaniniiitory redness; in the height of the disease, of beer- brown colour; in the subsidence, of paler hue. Any syringe will answer, but the best syringe is one made entirely of glass, and it is The writer also advises the injection of a curative dose of antitoxine in every case of scarlet fever coming under his notice, because this disease is frequently complicated with diphtheria, and he also administers a curative dose in cases of measles and whooping cough if the throat shows the slightest appearance of a pseudomembranous patch. Nothing descriptively characteristic of the ulcerative process which may aid one to distinguish by the appearance, this type of ulceration from the syphilitic.

The conditions of the aortic valves, found after death, afforded a fall and complete explanation of this remarkable sphygmogiapnic phenomenon; and it is interesting to note that the idtemative explanations previously offered included the true one, and that die process there pictured was exactly that which in reality was taking place.

Mason from his studies of a large number of cases He states, regarding the education of inebriates, that nearly one-fourth had received a liberal education, and on the whole the statistics show that dipsomaniacs come from the more intelligent and educated class of society.

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