Labbe, at the Beaujon Hospital, wliich well illustrated the difficulties sometimes encountered in the diagnosis between sprain at the ankle-joint and fracture of the fibula. Where enrichment of the blood is required, it is highly recommended, especially in anaemia and in actual loss of blood after accidents, operations, confinements, etc. Intermittent fever was confined to the three first "" quarters. Then reverse the position of the hands and rotate in an holding on to the table, grasp his feet and rotate his legs in such a manner as to describe a circle large enough to bring his back, take his toes in one hand and his ankle in the other. If you care for your clothes, walk in the tropics at sixty or even thirty steps to the minute instead of a-hundred-and-twenty. The respiratory fluctuations of the bloodpressure in the course of the narcosis are very regular; the pulse remains strong.

In nearly all the cases there was enlargement of the glands at the angle of the jaw and the lymphatics in connexion therewith, which showed early or late according to the severity or the reverse of the case.

Many hundreds of plans of bakeshops, foundries, exhaust systems, and sanitary equipment have been examined. No significant predisposing etiological factors could be found. The legal charity of London consists, according to our author, of the hospitals founded by voluntary private benevolence, UniTenity, St Mary's, BetUehem, St. The purulent material probably aspirated into this lobe following the operation might then have been uneventfully eliminated had its bronchi been free of lipiodol.

It will merely create artefacts.

In many of these patients the sputa were mixed with streaks of blood, and were expectorated with difficulty.

Of experiments, including parabiosis, in which a castrated and a normal male rat are twinned together through an artificial opening between the peritoneal cavities of the two animals. Dropsy, in the brain, in infants. With soft yielding tongues at moderately tolerant fauces this expose is very easy of accomplis To obtain a view of the nodules and ascertain the extent of their infective contents, a tongue depresser and a single tonsilloscopic lamp, with the smallest window, are needed.

James Kenley, State Health Commissioner, in reviewing nursing on voluntary health planning and medical cost containment are further examples. Independently of its use as a solvent, it be remembered that distilled water is one of the best and simplest diuretics, and that in a pleasant and palatable form it could be employed with benefit in many of those cases of dyspepsia in which the urine is highly concentrated, and which Murchison considered to be the result of lithsemia.

The workers are in earnest and we may well be enthusiastic over the prospects, but we shall need all of our enthusiasm to tide us over the pioneer stage upon which we are just entering. In a word, when primary suture and delayed primary suture are both impossible we trust to the vital power of the patient for the disinfection of the to the phagocytes and being very careful not to interfere with the process of autoimmunization of the patient.

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