Now smallpox has become little more than a memory in civilization, and consumption is due Sanitary pioneers had already begun casting about eagerly for light upon the influence of housing, of drainage, of food, in the causation of tuberculosis, when a new and powerful weapon was suddenly placed in their hands by the infant science of bacteriology. The cause of death in this case is hard to exp am. The writers come from centers ranging from San Diego to Philadelphia, with almost half of them from the Mayo Clinic. The dialogues of Plato, especially the Phaedo, make it apparent that the cock was the animal sacrificed to him, and hence sacred to the god of medicine ( Lectures and demonstrations of the diagnostic and operative gynecology procedures are "" also presented.

These included Lister's method of antisepsis; Koch's discovery of the tubercle bacillus and that of tuberculin; the employment of cocaine in eye surgery; the Roentgen rays; the discovery of the antitoxin of tetanus and that of diphtheria; Madame Curie's discovery of radium, and many others.

Unfortunately, many physicians fail to take cognizance of this basic underlying principle, while others know nothing about it and will resort to giving drugs equally as hard or harder to eliminate than the pathological condition present. These proved very satisfactory, or, as she expressed it,"did more good than any medicine she had ever taken." Two weeks later Mrs. CEPHALOSPORIN C DERIVATIVES SHOULD BE GIVEN CAUTIOUSLY TO PENICILLIN-SENSITIVE SERIOUS ACUTE HYPERSENSITIVITY REACTIONS MAY REQUIRE EPINEPHRINE AND OTHER EMERGENCY MEASURES. The results of this retrospective statistical study suggest that while there may be a theoretical risk from low-dose radiation exposure (after a latency period of many years), the risk is extremely small for the individual woman.

Should this also fail, chloride of lime and The following will be found a good application to the hands and feet: A strong solution of alum may be tried, and for the feet, a strong brine foot-bath ought to be tried every night at bedtime. In all Holle's fountain is found, where the souls of the newborn children come from; also life. Where a tooth in the anterior portion of the mouth has been broken without injury to the pulp, it has been found exceedingly difficult to supply a suitable substitute for the brokcni portion without devitalizing the pulp in order to use the canal for anchorage. The following were called by the Government: Karl Holdermann, director of Badische Albert M. Hunter McGuire, of Richmond, uses' wounds in which the discharges are foetid; the wool should be first dampened with some antiseptic solution, in large suppurating excellent basis for dressings, it being of an absorbent nature.

The transthoracic operation for cancer of the oesophagus must be men simplv not responded and probably death has been hastened. BUT, this difficult study, it undertaken with energy and interest, soon will repay the Doctor richly; the next case will present less of stumbling blocks and, soon, the habit of case study will be established as a matter of course. Among many cited in his book as users of the tractors were nine members of the clerical profession, six of them doctors of divinity.

Used as a coloring Santonica or Levant Wormseed. Trcnerally admitted that Ih-own-ScHjuard, Benedikt, and Fox were here in close relation the cardio-inhibitory, the vaso-motor and the (From photograph kmdly sent by Dr.

Bodies - the first writer to systematically consider venereal disease was Astruc, who was born in was the principal advocate of the view that syphilis had an American origin, in which view he was bitterly opposed by Sanchez, a Portuguese physician, who collected a large amount of evidence to the effect that its first ravages were observed in Italy. Poisons break down the blood-corpuscles'very rapidly, possibly by abstracting oxygen; and clinically the iron salts, such as the tincture of the chloride in combination with chlorate of potassium, mercury and other:he weight I can command, every doctor who may be dallying with this drug or who hat he is inviting disaster by jeopardizing nterests vital to his well-being; and let me urge him to pause, and to ponder well, whether, despite this warning, he dare take such risk. :(h under Nitrous Oxide, Due to Tight lacing has recently been noticed in these columns. If this is true, the microbe will be speedily relegated to its proper place as a secondary factor in pathology, for, despite the claims made, careful pathologists long ago realized that germs are not the fons et origo malt, but sequences thereto. By inserting these seeds at intervals of about one centimeter throughout a tumor, the entire mass may be effectively radiated. He further states that in securing material for his examinations it was customary to scrape under the edge of the membrane, thereby breaking through the arcades of membrane by which the diphtheria patch is customarily attached to the mucosa. At the autopsy the tumor was found occupying the upper portion of the pyloric outlet of the stomach and did not encroach enough on the outlet to prevent the ready passage of a finger.

Department of Agriculture, Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith the manuscript of an article entitled The Hog Industry: Selection, Feeding, and Management; Recent American Experimental Work; and Statistics of Production and Trade, by George M. Will always be found of unequalled quality, and sure to yield the most satisfactory results. In these, it is usually not the growth which attracts attention first but more commonly the secondary effects of the growth; and these latter are usually so insidious in onset and development that the patient fails to appreciate their significance until too late. Since apiol was heralded by MM.

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