Raynaud frequently observed a paroxysmal hemoglobinuria.

The essential problem is one of growth and its investigation concerns the biologist, the zoologist, and the embryologist, as well as the physician. - for the American Heart Association, Dr. The very worst consequences may always be expected from their use. He also cites a number of facts which speak against the existence of a specific microbic factor in this disease. In a series of five cases reported the children were all suffering from arrested speech de lopment, with a resulting corresponding arrest of mental development or an abnormal mental development. A woman of twenty-three, married three years, began six or seven years ago to experience a marked feeling of fear if she were left alone in the house. Further, if healtl muscular tissue on removal from the living body be immersed in solution of chloride of sodium, its irritability will be preserved for much longer period than if it be immersed in pure water (Kiihnc The salt-frog, common in the physiological laboratory, is a practie instance of the stimulating action of solutions of sodium chloride upc Second in the discount list of inconveniences following tho employme) of iodide of potassium comes the collection of symptoms, catari of the conjunctival, naso-pharyngeal, and respiratory muoomembranes, and headache, kuown as iodism; and this ia u uncommonly accompanied by catarrh of the gastro-intestiual muoOi membrane, giving rise to epigastric pain and discomfort, dyspepsi aud diarrhoea. First, the sensation is felt in the great toe; then in the rest of the toes, and the neighbouring surface of the dorsum of the foot; then (but very feebly) in the inner part of the sole; on the other hand, at the same time, or shortly afterwards, equally strong in the heel; then moderately in the inner side of the leg; sometime afterwards more intensely in the calf; then in the entire region of the leg; afterwards close under the knee; and finally, after some time, in the thigh and the end of the stump. A certain class of dreams which stand in close relationship to actual problems suggest a solution of the undecided question, often in disguised form. In the field a large number of them must ride, but at present they have little or no opportunity to learn to do so or to care for horses except those who are in the field hospital and about twelve officers and twenty hospital corps men attached to cavalry, field artillery, and signal Actually the most important duty of the National Guard surgeon is to study military hygiene, the military law. Mackay expressed the opinion that the varieties of hermaphroditism were simply due to different degrees of union of the vestibular bulbs. Should we be deprived of the assistance to our diagnosis, derived from such considerations, feeble as it must be admitted to be, we are nearly left to conjecture as to the nature of the tumour, provided we cannot trace the symptoms to the development of an aneurism.

The fixed the bone ends and it is time to begin guarded movement. He has found to his surprise the afterresults much better than he expected. And as to the speedy liquefaction of such ligatures, we hold that this is among the serious objections that should be urged against them, and it more than counterbalances the usually trifling inconvenience of having the end of a fine silk ligature lying on the The following suggestions for removing the ligature where it has been"Some surgeons, when a ligature has been long retained, pass a probe by its side, as low as it will descend, and then twist thread and probe round until both whalebone sprinir upon the thread, the constant pull of which upon the knot makes it press a;L;ainst the obstacle which prevents its coming away, and produces ulceration, which sets it free often in the course of the day: but if not, the thread must be daily twisted on the spring, so as to keep it tight till it comes away. AMridge, Man S' Uaymaii, Charing Cross; George H. The oesophagus was now traced; which commencing in its natural way, terminated in the cardiac portion of the stomach, on a level with the body of the fourth dorsal vertebra. Many years ago, while serving in Ceylon, code Mr. Hardwlcke, coupon MD, Austin James A.

Pus and red b!ood corpuscles arc rarely found in the stools unlcs they come from low down. Cruiso for his tirst introduction to this instrument, and was in a position to boar testimony to the utility of the very e.iccellent polariscope, which would be ell'ectual in estunating the Huautity of sugar in any substance. The only moiions, however, which we recognize as dependent on the sensory.fibres, are those which we know to be the cause of reflex movements. How then would the daring pioneer, whose courageous initiative fills us with admiration, have fared at To the unselfish devotee of science there is, of course, no thought of fame for fame's sake; but it does seem a pity that the work of so many of our ablest and most zealous investigators, whose lives of sacrifice have been spent so heroically, should so seldom hear or see any reward of their labor.

Nyctalopia occurred in five, and hemeralopia in two cases.

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