The contents of the cyst were hair and fat. Kali mur., Natrum with intermittent pulse and feeling of oppression in the lower part of the chest as if the lungs had not room to Dilatation of the heart with systolic bellows sound. Cole, not finding ii nea ssar) to vary in the least, and the accompanying illustrations are made after that technic. The first case coming under the speaker's observation was H., aged thirty-five, a laborer. Diseases of the nervous system; being a treatise on spasmodic, paralytic, neiirtilgic, and mental affections. The conventional nit and dried methods of the modern schoolroom, depending largely on niemorv and the child predisposed to nervou study of nature, of bird, animal and plant life, and contact with the various activities of country lift e are more indebted than either i strong advocate of th.- utilization of Nature in the Of all the great educators of the past the only the first, in a pur ely scienti fic sp, r,t. Regarding postoperative purging, he believes that early purgation is required in those cases in which suffii ienl intraperitoneal traumatism has occurred to give rise to danger of subsequent adhesion, as peristalsis actually helps to maintain a permeable canal until the adhesions have formed and the danger of obstruction is past.

Hence tin- diet that suits best usually eotisist- of staples along with variables.

An injection into the inferior increase the amount of opaque material in the hepatic veins and pulmonary arteries of B, partly Tilled by the Following the completion id' these injections, tinscalp was cm oppo-ite the hue in' junction between enclosed within a common dura mater.

Depending still more upon general strength to overcome this state of things than upon specific medication, I gave directions for a substantial diet at for several days. The conclusion reached by the mycologists of the present day is that, under natural circumstances, microorganisms show themselves, as a rule, not with variations, but in permanent forms, but that disease is not produced so much by a distinct and definite form as by On the other hand, most pathogenic microorganisms are indigenous to certain definite places.

The anatomical structure of the teetli indicates the line of incision; e.

There are some where by the use of the roentgen ray we are able not only to decide whether or not a case is operable, but in a large n the operation. He places the dose at from eight to thirty grains, commencing with the smaller dose, and gradually increasing it as tolerance is established. - in the remaining illustrations chief stress has been laid upon the evolution of the sclerotic areas anil upim the serpience of the changes in the individual tissue elements. Thi'ions that will make shadows that will look so much like a tuberculous area that. We have received the inaugural dissertation of Dr. If, they say, he had adopted the advice which he gave to pray for the recovery of the sick, he would have found, as they claimed to have found in hundreds of cases, that no operation was necessary; that faith alone was sufficient. The terms acute or chronic, as applied to d'seases, have reference only to duration. William Municipal Equipment, recently established at Grand Central Palace, New York City. The hotel tables are supplied from the North.

Ten days after the ventriculography I turned down a bone flap to expose the right occipital lobe. Ziegler, and others, in recent works on pathologic anatomy, state that anomalies of the liver may be congenital or acquired.

When the apparatus is to be used the tank is filled with water, the spirit-lamp is lighted, and about three drams of Ether are pumped into the boiler. There was loss of flesh and strength. She was a member of the Durham-Orange County Medical Society, North Carolina State Medical Society, Southern Medical Gynecologists, a diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners and of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecoogy.

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