Peppermint" drops" or lozenges Pfefferminz-wasser, n. Instrument for testing quality of air Luft-reinigend, a. The lower opening is intended to facilitate the thorough cleansing of the flask. In cardiac tuberculosis it is supposed that the bacilli arise from long latent foci of tuberculosis of the bronchial or mediastinal lymphatic glands. A line drawn across the front of the chest, intersecting the lower end of the sternum, indicates with fair accuracy the upper border of the liver and crosses the heart's apex. The breeders of Shorthorns, and some other cattle breeders, simply give a statement of the sire and dam of an animal and then mention the dams in successive order, thus leaving out the breeding of the sire's side. Remedy for gravel Gries-stein, m. In another case the cliild was kidnapped at three and recovered at nine. It would be a great help to pracl if our dental colleagues would disseminate the teaching mon rally that pyorrhoea can be kept very largely at bay by individual and j There is, of course, one cure for pyorrhoea and that mental principle we must all subscribe. ; symptoms, and are based purely on indications. Some small colloid excrescences of the membrane of Bruch are present in the area of degeneration, not elsewhere. Granule, little grain Kornchen-ahnlich, a. Apoplectic effusions are rare, probably because of the integrity of the blood-vessels of the brain in the young, in whom the disease mainly occurs.

A little experience with this remedy is necessary before one learns to administer it to the greatest advantage.

Elect, at any meeting prior to equal to the number of regular delegates. In the former instance the cast is of smaller diameter, and in the latter of larger, the diameter in the latter being that of the former plus twice this sufficiently. One of the first things a goat man notices upon entering the town is the Angora mutton hanging in the shops.

Unless cut off by violence or accident the priests invariably become venerable patriarchs.

To end this list of obese individuals, we mention an old gentleman living in each of seven succeeding years. Sometimes the constricting band undergoes these same changes in nutrition and Volvulus. The cerebrospinal fluid escaped for fourteen hours through the labyrinth and another lumbar puncture. Chronic bronchitis associated with emphysema, and in all respects like the disease common in old people, is by no means very uncommon in the young, that is to say, in patients under twenty years of age. In others the gastric disturbance may occasion imperfect tissue changes, with resulting anaemia. Cancer, tuberculosis, and, above all, sypliilis, may give rise to oedema of the larynx, while the existing lesion may be almost liidden. Lemon shade is not buff; a red or cinnamon color is not buff; neither is a reddish brown a buff; the true shade is" golden buff." The term used for Standard buff color is"one even shade of rich, golden buff free from shafting or mealy appearance." This is simply a true rich buff of golden hue. Role of cells, mononuclear cells, epidermal cells, and collagen biochemistry. This fault of development is a more important matter than would appear at first glance, since it is mainly by the interossei and lumbricales that the first phalanges are flexed and the second and third extended, whence the name" fidicinales." It follows, therefore, that from this there results a lack of power as well as of range in the quicker movements of the. Thus, they confirmed the uninterrupted legal existence of the Society, which until recent times had Within a few years the formation of district societies with the right to send delegates to the annual meeting put an end to the undemocratic procedures that helped to precipitate the We hope to have proved to the satisfaction of our readers that the Medical Society of New Jersey is, indeed, the oldest state society in our country with a continuous existence under law.

Structural changes in the mucosa. Is useful in general acute catarrhal stomatitis when the mucous membrane is red, hot, and there are much pain and sensitiveness. Portions of the solid tissue found in the fluid removed by tapping should be examined under the microscope, and will afford valuable information. When in the capsules of organs it sends prolongations into their interior, which partition off the organ and by their subsequent contraction give rise to irregular thickening and cicatricial puckering. Such operations are not indispensable, and in my opinion Herbert's operation, as it entails less pressure on the eyeball, would be preferable to Elliot's, but it must not be assumed they are to be done except in the worst cases.

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