The stools were of good color, but showed scattered white curdy masses. Local new growths assume the form of ulcerating swellings. In certain cases movement causes groaning. Valentine, Ferdinand C, M.D., Professor ol Genito-Urinary Diseases in the New York School of Clinical Medicine; Genito-Urinary Surgeon to the West Side German Dispensary; and Genito-Urinary Consultant to the United Hebrew Charities, to the Metropolitan Dispensary and Hospital, etc. SURGERY: Getting to the hospital Pickleman's service. The truth seems to be that myopia is nut very rarely congenital, but more frequently acquired, eitlier as the result of hereditary beu'in with spasm of the accommodation," but I would venture to suggest that the case he adduces in evidence is inconclusive.

This would, indeed, be a relief, but it seems too much to hope for. The cell contents consists of protoplasm, surrounded by a cell membrane, closely allied to cellulose, and insoluble in caustic alkalies.

Morton Wednesday, the last day of the Conference, Mr.

They We are all sitting in this room today with one common bond. In circumscribed cancer of the cervi.x the use of the cautery and the roasting of the cavity are safe and give the best chance of cure ( The patient may exhibit a variety of signs from confusion, focal and sensory deficits, vertigo, to i possible death. The problem with this approach is two-fold. Mosquera's Beef Jelly makes a most palatable beef tea or bouillon, which is extremely nutritious and very easy of digestion.

They have been described by Pichon and Sinoir, but as these observers regarded the condition as a disease of the blood due to poor feeding, etc., they did not attach much importance to them. An abundant foamy fluid is obtained on slight pressure.

The knife is too much the emblem of gynflBCological treatment A recovery from an operation is not a recovery from the disease for which the operation is done. In describing the treatment, the author thinks that excision of the pancreas for cancer can seldom be feasible or justifiable except in those cases where the disease is limited to the body or tail of the organ, and then only when it is which he has operated for the relief of symptoms recovered and lived for some time in greater comfort. And while lying in its cradle with the face alone exposed it presented a perfectly healthy appearance; the facial expression was lively, the eyes fullowed the movements of the by-slanders, and all the senses were well developed. Muscles of the right, and so caused the eyes and head to turn in that direction. The Commission shall also be responsible for the entire continuing education program of the Association, shall have all matters pertaining to hospitals referred to it, shall carry on all programs in the recruitment of health manpower in professional as well as in allied health fields and shall be responsible for programs in the Affairs shall investigate and study medicallegal matters affecting the practice of medicine, make recommendations to the Council and House of Delegates and also make certain that all Association members are kept informed of important developments in this field. Prigal, Chairman New York Francis E. It will be observed that the case, the history of which I have read to you, does not correspond to either of these types. And pyaemia, and also recognize two separate and distinct conditions as existing, to which the term septicaemia is applied; to distinguish these two conditions they would employ the terms used by some of the German writers, and give to one the name of septic or putrid intoxication, and to the other septic or putrid Another feature is the careful study of the records of seven hundred and sixty-eight cases of pyaemia and septicaemia which occurred in the principal Loudon hospitals during the ten years preceding. Seven other persons bitten by the same dog are being anxiously watched. Somewhat tender and firm to the touch at first, the tumour gradually increases in size, invades the shows no tendency to cicatrise, and the opening through transformed into a fistula.

From its planned organization one would think that this book was written by one author.

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