Y Quassine, arseniate of iron.

In man the face becomes purple, and there is hypersemic condition of the head. Suppuration is the third stage. I shall here give an illustrative case due to Leon Bernard and will conclude this paper with a summary of this clinician's treatment of osteomalacia with suprarenal extract: There may be dysphagia, due to compression of the oesophagus. Late years, and its importance recognized both as a secondary and a primary affection. Loss of appetite is always a grave complication and must never be neglected.

In severe attacks there are nausea and vomiting and the patient is collapsed. You will find that in any case where alkaloids are used, the pain is increased; but if the drug is administered early, that need not be noticed. Under this mode of treatment, the non-infecting sore generally heals in ten days, while, if left to itself, it takes four or five weeks to do so. Two or three granules each of aconitine and digitaline should be given every evening, and in the morning the intestines should be relieved by the aid of a dose of Sedlitz Chanteaud. Poultices are almost always injurious, and scarcely less so is the modified form which is the usual result of the application of water dressing, a piece of lint dipped in water or lotion, and closely covered with oiled silk or gutta percha. In chronic cases the contents of the capsules liquify and get thinner and thinner, and finally rupture the capsule and allow the contents to get out and the animal is attacked afresh with the same disease it had recovered from. Infants a year or so old sometimes become flabby, lose their vivacity, or show milder forms, as they have been termed, are probably due to transient functional disturbance in tlie gland. It were far easier for me to dwell upon the progress of homoeopathy, the successes of its practitioners, but conscience dictates another course.

Bending his arms to make his biceps bulge, the gymnast discovers that it has not the measure prescribed. One of the distinctions between eczema or idiopathic dermatitis'and that which is traumatic in origin is that while the latter corresponds more or less exactly to the irritant, typical eczema has its own peculiar laws of local distribution. In other DISEASES DUE TO PHYSICAL AGENTS instances there are remarkable after-effects, the most constant of which is a permanent inability to bear high temperatures. There were fix deaths, of which two were from illnefs contracted in the prefent month: the others were in the hofpital fince July The fecond cafe of the Guinea worm appeared after we marched into Bombay.

A little confideration convinces us that In the preceding cafe, and in every otlier which has fince occurred to me, I applied the armed bougie fteadily to the ftriclure for four or five tnifwtes, and never experienced any inconvenience from that mode of application; for the furface of the cauftic is neceflarily fo fmall, that if the period of the application were equally fo, a fufhcient quantity for the purpofe intended would But too bold a ufe of this bougie is as much, if not more, to be avoided; and the endeavour to force it through the pnfiage of the urethra, when it happens to be affected with fpafmodic contraclions, muft produce incalculable niifchief. If you cannot honestly support the case, tell him so frankly; and he will tell you just as frankly that he does n't want your services.

Children, however, do not notice this, as the mucus is usually swallowed, but older persons Among other symptoms may be mentioned headache, which is by no means uncommon, general listlessness, and an indisposition for physical or mental exertion.

The author points out the importance of distinguishing fungous endometritis following abortion from the other forms. The eyes have a peculiar brilliancy and the sclerotics are of a feature was not a great reduction in the number of the corpuscles, but a may be all the physical characteristics and symptoms of a profound anaemia with the number of the blood-corpuscles nearly at the normal standard. Immediately after the death of a dog, I have often injeCted the lymphatics of the cord from the fpermatic artery without any appearance of rupture that I could perceive: on plunging a dog into warm vvater as fonn as he was killed, I have likewife fucceeded in throwing even a coarfe injection from the arteries into the veins-, and hive (til! a preparation of a Sapajous ape, killed and injeCted in fimilar circumltances, where all the veins of the facral extremities, many of the pelvis, and the vena cava, to the place where it receives the emulgents, were completely filled from throwing the injeClion facrad into a part ot the abdominal aorta. The cutis is completely unaffected. It should be insisted upon that, not only in cholecystostomy for stones but in operations for calculi in any portion of the bile tract, unless it be in the hepatic ducts, the operation is not complete until every stone has been removed.

We usually mix them all together. TJtero-cervical carcinoma, if it originates in the cervical canal, is difficult to arrest, and when disturbed by the knife of the surgeon also often assumes a rapidity of growth that is remarkable. The sulphide of calcium should be the dominant in such cases. Its locality, the circumscribed patches, the pale colour of the papules, and the yellowish pigmentation, together with entire absence of itching, are sufficient characters for diagnosis, and justify its recognition as a distinct variety of chronic The treatment consists in the internal administration of cod-liver oil, and is said to be uniformly successful.

Black's unrevealed past that the rest of the journey was finished without a word passing between them, and there was no sound save the clatter of the horse's hoofs and the whirring of the wheels. Good models of onychomycosis due to It is the most obstinate of all forms of ringworm, and will often persist during the whole of childhood, and only disappear after puberty.

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