The cultures of bacilli from Shjga, Kruse, Strong, and Flexner also failed to react with the patient's serum. More readily fermentable carbohydrates were always found to be present with the glycogen in manufacturers' samples.

We believe that most regular physicians are liberal and respect all men's opinions and know they will do the best for their patient no matter what the circumstances may be. Tincture of digitalis, alum, and sulphuric acid, have severally proved efficacious in my hands; but the medicines upon which I place most reliance in bad cases are acetate of lead with opium, gallic and tannic acids, Ruspini's styptic, and matico. K bout Tisolement, le repos au lit et les antispasmodiques. The following method is the one with which we were most successful, and is a modification of van Ermengem's method.

Mary's Hospital; Surgeon to the Lock Anatomy at, St. Bodkin, at present of that town; he lived but nine hours.

He also served for eleven years as member of the Board of Health, during the last two of which he acted as Chairm in of the Board.

The same procedure employed twenty-four hours after the injection of bouillon yielded a fluid less rich in leucocytes, and consequently this second method was not extensively employed.

The part above this line which supports the abdominal contents is termed ihefulse pelvis; the part below it, containing the pelvic viscera, the true The superior opening of the true pelvis is termed the inlet or the superior strait (apertura pelvis superior). The most prominent microscopic features were the pigment deposits and the cellular hyperplasia and distension of the pulp cords. A general catarrhal condition of the respiratory passages and gastro-intcstinal ti.ict residts from exposure to brass dust. One is pleased to see a proper consideration of both X-ray methods and chemical examinations, and the inference one draws is that the author relies on no one point to the exclusion of others. As to this latter point, the reports of different investigators are not altogether concordant. Indeed, there are some figures in Mr. The poor blood supply, the lack of mucous glands and lymph follicles, and the thick covering of stratitied squamous epithelium render the a'sophagus less liable to disease than the closely sharply limited borders of inflammatory processes in the pharynx, the inflammation cea.sing abruptly at the beginning of the oisophagus. These bodies correspond in appearance and behavior with coloring agents to many of those described by Sjobring and by Siegenbeck van Heukelom. This pain is identical with the probability, in cases of pneumonia, it is really due to the coincident pleurisy, as Addison long ago taught. An intemperate man was attacked with symptoms of suppurative nephritis, of which he died; the nature of the disease was detected, at the very commencement, by a microscopical examination of the urine, which revealed moulds from the tubes of the kidney, entangling pus corpuscles, and these latter free on the field. It is to be borne in mind that the cholera germ is discharged from the body only in the faeces, and very exceptionally in the voniitus. So far as I was able to estimate, the pulmonary inflammation was much more Huffman and Perkins, in a fire at the Western Chemical Works had been exposed to smoke, probably containing the fumes of some acid, as it was reported to us by the fire department. James Macartney, the successful candidate, was an Englishman, and a perfect stranger.

The greatest difficulty and pain experienced by the patient is only at the initial time of operation and until the first reaction has ceased.