They need a work of a more elementary cha- and ably performed, the known zeal and competency racter, by which, they may be inducted into the first of Dr. When injections are prescribed, due care should be taken that they are properly administered. Of course, if the transferred tendon is long enough it may be sewed directly to the periosteum. Anne's well is so pure, that when a gallon of the -mater was evaporated, the sediment was only fifteen grains; of which one grain and three quarters were sea salt, two and a half selenite, and ten and a half carbonate of lime rendered soluble by an excess of carbonic acid.

The urine gradually became clear, and recovered its natural appearance. He therefore asserts that the evidences furnished by FuLGOsus, Sabellicus, Nauclerus, Leo AfriCANUs, and others respecting the expulsion of the five preceding years, and the fearful distresses and distempers consequent upon this expulsion are sufficient to account for the appearance and rapid dissemination of syphilis in Italy and in other countries. And the nabit these smaller owners have of continually passing among the cattle is not agreeable to the views of the owners of large herds, who do not like to have their cattle moved or disturbed. While loyal subjects of England, they remain attached to the French traditions although it has been advantageous to them to become English. Inoculation on the ear caused death in one to three days, according to Bchiitz. It was a new world, and what they believed was scarcely more extraordinary To pursue the subject of medical chemistry, our chief object, we shall next mention the celebrated Boerhaave, who detailed, very advantageously, what former chemists had discovered, and added the result of many years unremitted industry. It also occurs as a consequence of acute inflammation of without anj' apparent cause whatever. - cavallo, repeating father Torre's observations with similar lenses, saw the same appearances; but, following in his reasoning the laws of optics, drew a different conclusion. In Moimt Vernon district, the estimate made in the same way as In Dublin district Mr. In its consequences it may be so; and the cutting a corn may induce gangrene, but the operation is not on that account The debility that follows is very- considerable, and continues often for many months. Three tubes of culture liquid were inoculated each with three to four drops of the blood from the heart.

More frequently it is puny and below normal weight. In malignant scarlatina, suppression of urine presents appearances chronic cases, the appearances are altogether the same as those stated when treating of granular scq).

When one side of the chest is full of fluid, we may hear a deep-seated weak breath sound, or all sound may be suppressed, while on the other, healthy, side we hear exaggerated respiration. Women, during pregnancy, are sometimes costive; from the pressure of the child's head against the rectum. Yet the work of the creators has eliminated one form of disease after another, in man's body and spirit, and brought more relief from suffering than any altruist could"Some failure in Ufe is inevitable. Lungs normal with exception of a few lobules, which Almost the entire digestive tract was found involved. The lime, in both formulae, is greatly in excess, fora very small proportion only is soluble in water; but it is cheap, or rather, in such small quantities, of no value. The whole lizard tribe, dried and powdered, is recommended as sudorifics and alterants.

,Cullen places this genus of disease in the class locales, the eye lid. In none of the seven cases has there been a recurrence, and the oldest nne is new of seven years' standing. With sundry orders thought meet by his majestie and his prevention of the plague.

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