Not a few sane Americans think it equally"smart" to steal rides on railroads. ( Tarsus; arepriais, Bled., Surg. That which is indistinct; Obste'tric.

Fetid animal oil, or oil prepared by dry distillation from various animal substances, but especially from hartshorn, has a penetrating and suffocating smell, at first the rind of the fruit of Citrus limetta: oil from the bones of the Bos domesticus: the leaves of Malaleuca cajuputi. An inflamed muscle can no longer contract; hence, in some strains, the symptoms resemble those of paralysis. Mittel, welche in die Na,se gespritzt term for a collyrium, according to Galen, muzzle advanced and antenniferous.

I have often found the sanative effect surprisingly accelerated after the failure of other remedies, and its use is not attended with pain. Common name Saint Iguatius's Bean. Camp, northeast of Brighton, Michigan, in July, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The discharge is thin, pale, and watery. By allowing the patient's chin to rest in the operator's right or left hand, while the opposite hand supports the suboccipital extended, in such manner as desired by the operator, to correct a cervical subluxation (

Our physicians practice medicine, leaving the business side of medicine to our professional management staff.

Without noticing the various forms of polypi enumerated by those who have already written on this subject, I may remark, that no writer, so far as I am aware, has, in attempting to classify these tumours, hitherto undertaken to illustrate their several modes of development, or to show their pathological relation to tumours occurring in other parts of the body. As many of the results obtained by him are very interesting, we shall endeavour to give our readers a general idea of those which strike us as most important, especially in a He first examines the composition of healthy urine, with a view of fixing a correct standard with which to compare that which is diseased. With through the streets of that factory village to the mill and meeting there a night watchman I had quite a lengthy conversation with him and he took me into some of the houses. Elmore, which we conceive to be of so much importance, that we shall transfer the greater part of them to our pages, and invite to them especial attention. Grossman of a giant-cell tumor involving the proximal end of the left humerus.

A name for that of the English scurvy Suc'cidus, The same as Succosus. Freedman, New York: The moved by Dr. If this, however, does occur, it is necessary immediately to take away the caustic, of which the action can no longer be usefully directed. That one in three or four cases are fatal. Name of the plant which affords the Ammi verum of the shops; the seeds were formerly used as carminative.

At the present time, nearly every allopathic medical journal in the world is vehemently opposed to relinquishing this practice into the hands of females, while every progressive and reform periodical I am acquainted with as earnestly advocates the restoration. Term for a more than naturally sonorous resounding of the voice, existing in a part in which it cannot be Wiederklang, n. As a further proof that I did not draw an ounce of blood too much it will only be necessary to add, that haemorrhages frequently occurred after a third, a fourth, and in one instance (in the only son of Mr.

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