Further bimanual rectal examination, under more favourable conditions than on the infant's admission into hospital, revealed pronounced thickening, and this thickening, which was more noticeable on the left side than on the right, corresponded to the legs of the U; in the interval between the legs of the U the abdominal contents were perfectly natural to the feel; this thickening I believed to be confined to the walls of the colon, as shown in the skiagram, and from its uniformity and direction I considered it to be due to hypertrophy of those walls. A name for prisms obtained by evaporating a solution of phosphoric acid which contains an excess of ammonia. The puerperal state certainly favours the development of it, in its severest forms; the circumstances which are most efficient in causing it being then frequently in concurrent operation, particularly soon after delivery, when it may be complicated with phlebitis, and even also with chiefly upon the circumstances in which it occurs. Remember to rub hard, and without stopping, for many hours, if necessary, one person succeeding another, and keeping up the applications at the same time. - plexus; rete, reticulum; scrofula, king's evil. On the fourth morning all the lesions had made their appearance on the trunk and limbs and were beginning photographs taken by Dr.

Blattin states that, in nine cases out of twentyfour that he examined, the discharge proceeded from the uterus. He referred to it as being the same as that described by Willan as formation during the night of wheals of the skin or more considerable swellings, involving both the skin and cellular tissue, and these succeeded on the morrow by one or more bright red spots, which passed through various shades of colour as they vanished. Used A likeness or representation of a thing or In Physics, the production of the appearance of an object on a surface where the conjugate rays from all points of it fall. Latterly, she had haemorrhage from the bowels, and shortly before death was seized with acute pulmonary symptoms. In the present case the only symptoms of syphilis (congenital) which he could make out were some slight scars at the angles of the mouth and a very slightly depressed Dr. This alteration he called atrophy of the liver. "Walferdin, which determines the vertical depth at the place of sounding by indicating the weight of the superincumbent water. Purulent expectoration sometimes relieves the difficulty of breathing; and when this is observed in connexion with pain and soreness in coughing, and with hoarseness or loss of voice, vlecration may be inferred to have taken place. The ventricular septum and foramen pulmonary valves were thickened and fused into a cone and the pulmonary artery was only the size of a crow-quill. Baillie, in admitting the possibility of rupture of and Ollivier, and may take place, as in other circulating canals, as a remote consequence of inflammation, or of pressure, or of obstruction of their canals, by organic or other changes.

Ashby, of Manchester, came to schools belonged to neurotic families. Sutherland regarded the condition as atrophic cirrhosis of the liver or syphilitic cirrhosis. It is a mixture of Prussian blue and Cye- Obtained by decomposing lead or copper ferrocyanide suspended in water by passing salt of hydrofluoric acid. Callous; spirit, two gallons; clear water, five gallons; catechu, powdered, two ounces. The patient ought to have recourse to a respirator on all occasions of passing from a warm to a colder air; and he should pay attention to his diet and regimen, shunning everything that is difficult of digestion, or that may offend the stomach or bowels, or excite tbe circulation.

The warty excrescence is probably due to a thrombosis in a dilated vein. There is a satisfaction in living which grows out of joy. In short, State help is not needed to produce Doctors, any more than it is to produce shoe-makers or Besides the injustice of the thing, our present practice is also impolitic. There was, apparently, a racial susceptibility to the tubercle bacillus common to all human beings. See Calomel prototodide saffron- yellow substance obtained by treating cinchonin with iodine. Leeches applied to the thighs are preferable to cupping on the loins in these cases; for I have known instances of suppression of the menses caused by the latter. On examination he was found acutely ill with the usual signs of peritonitis, a moderate amount of fluid in the abdomen, and a hard band-like structure stretching across the upper part of the abdomen, above the level of the umbilicus.