In spite of the powerful French influence the textbooks of the schools were almost exclusively English. The ADVENT OF REPLANTATION surgery was initiated when Malt first reported a successful upper arm replant. The skin is extremely tender, so that it bursts with the least compression, and emits an offensive smell. To detect such cases the investigation must be conducted from day to day, and in view of all possible manifestations of the disease, to be successful. COMPOSI'TUS, (from compono, to compose). Straight one it is held in place by first passing a strong,' kangaroo- tendon suture through one-half of the split supraspinous ligament at one side of the gutter; then the suture is passed up over the graft at its middle portion and through the other split half of the supraspinous ligament opposite. One case was lost to follow-up after three months and.

Briefly put, it regards each cell with its axis cylinder has its own irritability. Since early lesions are highly infectious it is a well worthwhile precaution for the physician to don rubber gloves before handling the chancre. But he observes, that the more this watery fluid penetrated into the medullary part of the brain, the more obstinate was the sleepiness during the life of the patient.

In extreme cases the morbid process may become so violent as to cause the neoplastic process, characteristic of glanders, to be superseded by immediate destruction and mortification. Subspecialty interests welcome, but need firm background in general internal medicine. The government is authorized to take the measures considered necessary toprevent the spread of the disease in much-frequented places-, hotels, theaters, etc. Exophthalmos, and sometimes enlargement of the thyroid, have been reported by Filehne as the result of the division of the restiform bodies in rabbits, which phenomena therefore would seem to be induced by a paralytic impression on medullary centres, a deduction which is further borne out by the paretic symptoms in Graves' disease of the Stellwag and von Graefe signs. Ojihthalmia has been constantly benefited by cold applications; and the fact is so generally understood, that we need not enlarge on it. It then tends either to decrease rather rapidly or to persist the newborn forms the basis for icterus neonatorum. The face tends to separate into fragments, the characteristics nearly constant, whatever the mechanism of the fracture. The nature of the etiological action of gout is not explained, though it is thought to act by producing an irritability of the nervous system.

The floor of the maxillary sinus, the nasal fossae, and the lower border of the alveolar process are almost on a horizontal line. It is often bent upon itself; its walls are generally thickened and indurated, and its cavity is sometimes dilated, sometimes sacculated, and contains a thick mucus or caseous-like substance. In a series of anesthetized dogs, one of the hind legs of the dog was amputated at the hip joint and all connections between the head and trunk except the sciatic nerve and the femoral blood vessels were severed. No the spirocheta obermeieri, which is the pathognomonic.sign here.

According to the experiments of Yiborg and Eingheim, the flesh of a horse affected with glanders can be eaten without danger of infection if properly cooked or Med. The quality seems to be of greater significance than the number.

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