We have therefore no evidence that an excess of thyroid secretion produces bad effects by means of a relative deficiency in adrenalin. A short description of the causes, symptoms and treatment of the various important fevers follows in succeeding The book is well adapted as a text-book for nurses. The normal adult individual under average conditions of heat, excitement and drinking, empties his bladder from four to seven times a clay, and should be able to sleep seven or eight hours undisturbed. The contribution of ventricular filling (preload) that occurs during early diastole is dependent, in part, on the time course of ventricular relaxation and the atrioventricular pressure gradient. Stance which might lead us to sus- The consequence of taking many of quent occurrence of severe and ob- c"'"i'iuiug alcohol, opium, and a sti the examination after death of phthi- and lungs, and general fever, have sical patients, a diseased state of the proved so serious, that at this period intestines is very frequently noticed, of the year we consider it our duty dangerous articles, and to recommend ed to this fact very receotly, by wit- to them the composition of the iu BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. It which are generally supposed to in- jg clear, therefore, that the pro fluence the disease more than any duction of hydrophobia in man is other circumstances, are not thought the elFect neither of the peculiar Among the innumerable multi- an Italian author, f that rabies is tude of dogs used in and aljout not contagious in the second ge inent weather of every kind which it arose spontaneously, are throughout the whole year, with- incapable of conununicating it in out any shelter whatever, he has their turn.

Thus, The Jouhnal has an aggregate circulation two and one-half times greater than the aggregate membership of the Association.

This tissue had to be dissected away very carefully from the capsule of the joint and the sheath of the extensor tendons, and small openings were made into the lumen of the sheath. A committee of five was also appointed to consider the revision of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Illinois State Medical Society, in conformity with what will be adopted at the American Medical Association meeting, and to report at Besolution of Nebraska State Medical Society.

Occupying the position of the normal pylorus is a tumor, small, smooth, oval, hard, movable and without adhesions. This is an interesting phase of the subject, but we can not discuss it in a paper of Occasionally, though rarely, gangrene of the foot may follow the Schede procedure. THE HEDICAL TREATHENT OF APPENDICITIS. This patient had a mixed infection with staphylococcus and was given a staphylococcus vaccine along with the tuberculin. Fortunately this suspicion can be definitely dispelled; the opinion of South African l)acteriologists, both public and private, is unanimous as to the aljsence of the Bacillus pestis.

Thus we only transfer the differentiating agency from one sphere to another, in consequence of the experimental inferences of the physicist and the chemist. Botsford returned thanks for his election to the office Dr. Plimmer's bodies, as revealed by his special method, are rounded bodies of diverse size. Hence, kuru appears to be an orally transmitted infection. Luke's Hospital; Consulting Physician to Beth-Isreal Hospital; Member of the New York Academy of Medicine, etc.

On moistening the most minute quantity of pus with water, and pouring a drop or two of the test-fluid over it, a clear blue color is produced. The interesting and, I hope, not unprofitable subject of study, to a hasty and inadequate discussion of which I venture to And in the first place, let us look for a moment at the advantages which each class of practitioners enjoys, and the disadvantages under which he labors. Thouglit he had often derived great advantages in nervous affections similar to this.