But if the grazing fields are infested with the larvse of the May beetle or similar insects, the fattening hogs may as well be allowed to root as much as they want to. The respiratory sounds are, however, very tell-tale.

How far solvine has come to be used in practice we cannot say; but there need be no timidity in employing it as a vehicle for external application simply because it breaks up red blood- corpuscles in a test-tube, or kills frogs.

The lungs are then obliged to act with redoubled quickness to make up for the time which has been lost during the temporary suspension of breathing; because, as the circulation of the blood is still going on, it must be supplied by increased efforts with that quantity of oxygen which is necessary to give it its vital principle.

This is repeated on the opposite side; the sutures are tied and their ends are cut short. That oil-ether colonic anesthesia is an evolution from intravenous anesthesia. Still, the South-Downs have been bred for many years in the United Stiites, and are found in all sections of the country. The only warning to be taken into consideration in the determination of the maximum dosage of mercury, is furnished by the symptoms of mercurial intoxication, namely, fever, backache, and prostration. This is due to the chronic course of the syphilides, and although some cases of eczema present a similar multiformity of lesions, the clinical history of the two diseases is so different that they are not liable to be confounded Most of the syphilides tend to assume an annular or crescentic arrangement. Men who reap harvests from the patronage of the physician should be satisfied with that patronage, and not endeavor to Let physicians give them to understand that they cannot with the sanction of the profession, carry on both branches of the business.

The modern word poultry, however, more pj'operly comes from the French word poule, hen, just as our word pullet comes from the French poulet, a chick. The susceptibility of different persons to this disorder varies so widely, and the reasons for this variation are so little understood, that it is not to be expected that any one drug will be found ological action. If, by any means, in loading, the shot be not rammed home close on the powder, and a space be left between the powder and shot, the gun will probably burst on being discharged. I found the fibers strong and much finer than those from the opossum tail, or any other animal suture, and have been using them quite extensively in suturing the conjunctiva in pterygium operations, and in advancing the recti muscles in correcting strabismus.

Still" gives the percentages of the begets in man the intestinal, glandular, serous, articular, bony, or general form, whilst human tubercle is responsible for the pulmonary form.

He obtains better results by administering satisfactory anaesthesia in children for the removal of tonsils and adenoids. Supplies system with all it needs R'ch in natural phosphates. Always reading and studying and showing some element of knowledge, I succeeded in getting admitted as clinical clerk to the Hdtei Dieu. In consequence of this absurd and injurious practice, and the slovenly and unskilful manner in which it is generally executed, there are almost always to be found in the stables of innkeepers or coach-masters one or more horses Avith diseased necks, which in nine cases out of ten ends in the loss of the vein; and it happens not unfrequently, with those which work at night in the mail-coaches, that the forced out by the bearing rein, and the animal bleeds till he drops down before the accident can be discovered by the driver. " The heifers in milk or in calf numbered only three, but two of them were such animals as it was worth while coming to Oxford on purpose to see. He had treated himself again and again with camphoric acid for frequent attacks of sore-throat, and had always been relieved.

Those who have not admired him have looked on the effort as commonplace itself.

The Medical Standard devotes several of its pages to medical news items gathered from all parts of the Union, arranging those from the various States under their respective names.

The crisis of pneumonia, according to Drs. As the disease progresses the birds grow thin and weak, and death results. Inoperable carcinoma of the liver: injections were tried in four cases. Of Neswick, near Beverley, Yorkshire, and and his dam, (vvhoalso bred Alonzo, Charlotte, gnineas each, beating Ti-ulh, Sir Riginald, Scampston, and Sir Andrew: he also received forfeit from Lord F. Sex, history of previous attack, with jaundice and intermittent fever, location of the pain, dark, amber colored urine, containing bile, and sometimes the finding of the stone in the feces." Treatment"includes the relief of pain by morphine the seat of pain, and, later, a saline purgative. Pitcairn, giving several successful cases, but as he does not enter very fully into the action of the drug, more especially as to bad effects which may be produced, I shall quote a case which occurred in my practice this season. Lesion thought to depend on a tumor, and not distinctly a malignant and generalized disease, should be regarded as amenable to operative interference, no continued the symptoms of pressure The fourth division, that of traumatism, is first considered historically, a summary of all recorded cases of operation for fracture being given.