Wnether it be said that the prophet literally maans that the lion and the iamb shall dwell together in peace, and the lion shall eat straw like an ox, or that by this language he intended to teach figuratively what shall take place in the humau family, it remains equally true and equally evident that he designed expressly and clearly to teach the important relation between the natural temper and moral character, and the nature of the diet of the animal or individual. - the poisonous and minimum fatal doses are relatively large if absorption is slow and elimination rapid, and small if the latter conditions are reversed.

An assistant pulling on the cord raises the patient so that the heels, and if necessary the toes, ate free from the floor.

This must also modify to some extent the toxins. No dependence can be placed on the specifics that are advertised for improving the hair, and many of them do mischief. Be it remembered, however, that all my remarks concerning beds, bed clothes, etc., ara made with reference to man as a member of civic life, and as an inhabitant of a climate which renders the use of artificial means necessary for the proper regulation of the temperature of his body. As a general fact, however, the grand sources of disease are the erroneous dietetic and other voluntary habits and actions of mankind. Wells, Boston; second vice-president, Mary A. The sutures should not be placed in the edge of the fibrous flap, but given a deep hold, passing through it, near its line of reflexion from the cortex. Those who do not wish it continued, will please return this number to the publisher with their address written upon it. Purging and vomiting, with great prostration and trembling Faeces scanty, but not hard, bowels sluggish.

In fact," white leprosy," when it does not apply to psoriasis, seems generally to mean leucodermia occurring in patches. All Egyptian calculi, however, are not of bilharzic origin, many cases being due of drinking the water of the Nile, which at some seasons of tue year is impregnated with lime salts. Samenjluss.) A term originally applied to a flux of semen; as well as to the disease now so called, especially the chronic stage known as gleet, because the discharge was formerly regarded as Now (F. Erroneously supposed to be the originator of the G: Cheese not more than thiee mouths old, made of milk from which the cream or oily matter has mostly been taken, is far more easily digested, and is in every respect less unwholesome and less objectionable than that which kinds of cheese for market, it is quite fashionable for the manufacturer to put in aunatto and even arsenic and other poisonous substances, to give it a rich and creamy appearance and taste. It is said that in rare instances hyperaesthesia precedes or takes the place of loss of sensibility.

The presentation of the prizes was n-ade by King Oscar of upon the infection of fruit with bacteria. By this very ingenious means the hardest tumors will disappear, and the breast be rapidly reduced in its dimensions.

As an article, in a periodical, it might have dene well enough; but what could have induced the Dr. Its nature is to be suspected by the fact that it occurs in connection with pneumonia: