The present evaporators are only an enlargement of the idea of such more rapid drying, while canning consists in the exclusion of the This is an age of progress, yet experience often shows that not all changes are improvements.

This form attracted the attention of Duchenne. The Editorial Columns are controlled only by the desire to promote the a standpoint looking to the best interests of the profession. The histological examination revealed the typical lesions of epithehal nephritis. Unfortunately the symptoms are only too often unreliable guides; often when the symptoms indicate the necessity for operation the patient has already passed beyond the hope of relief. A very skillful manipulation is shown in the operation of catheterism of the ureters. Chemistry and physiology, he believed, could teach but little in this branch; observation and experience everything. Geikie in urging the necessity for the avoidance of undue haste, and also agree with him in thinking that the ordinary obstetric binder adds to the comfort and the majority of cases is worse than useless, because as ordinarily used, it generally becomes dislodged, and that simply displaces the uterus. Champneysand Professor John Williams, in Ob.stetric Medicine: which the sixteenth anniversary festival was held last week, has small means with surgical appliances or artificial limbs of the best manufacture at nominal prices, or on a provident system of been issued by the Society; and with the object of extending the usefulness of this Society, a branch has this year been successfully Brampton, has been placed on the Commission of the Peace for the TuK Committee on Pleuro-pneumonia and Tuberculosis, appointed by the Agricultural Department of the Privy Council,, Thb prizes in the Faculty of Medicine of Unirersity College ST OF AUTHORS AND OTHERS WHO HAVE PRESENTED BOOKS TO THE LIBRARY OF.

The higher the lesion is in the spinal cord, the more extensive are these diminution of the electrical contractility. The latter was very large and lying crosswise in the bladder. Besides its situation among the fibres and the nuclei, placed in series from the pons to the cord, it is in direct anatomical and functional relation with the nuclear systems of the auditory centres, the trigeminal nerve, the oculo-motor, glosso-pharyngeal, pneumogastric, and general vasomotor centres, and the neighbouring respiratory centres. If salicylates are given to such patients they should be discontinued as soon as the acute symptoms are overcome, the iron being given from the beginning and continued. Placed at the disposarof the Government of India in the Home Department for temporarily placed at the disposal of theGovemment of India. Margaret Waller (New Burke's writings. These various means are not limited to the hemianaesthesia of hysterical noted that the improvement which is generally transient in hysterical hemianaesthesia may be permanent in the other varieties.

On the fourth day of his disease the patient to Dr.

This glioma generally develops at the expense of the posterior half of the cord, pushing back the grey and white matter, first in the posterior half, and then in the anterior half of the spinal cord. I agreed with her, for after perusing his work I could not fail to discern that Lamb was a man of rich attainments and of original mind.

In the peritoneum of the inoculated animal the vibrios become agglutinated and form small masses. The)' constitute an excellent summary of our pres tnt knowledge of a class of diseases than which, of late years, none have been the subject of deeper research.

The Committee have requested Mr. It did not take fire, but immediately gave out a series of faint detonations, and then charred without bursting into flame. This deflected it toward the skin.

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