Hunter make the remark he had concerning the gradual administration of ether, for his experience had been entirely opposed to the method of overwhelming the patient Dr. L, he will be obliged to record one case where the visual results were not satisfactory. He says that the oil, becoming volatilized, penetrates glandular culs-de-sac and thus reaches all the gonococci. The parietal sinus wall was free of any lymph or granula tion, and no pus was found in the cranial cavity; the necrotic bone in contact with the sinus was very dark and contained a fluid of much the color of coil'ee dregs, The sinus wall was now incised, and a firm, fibrinous clot exposed; this was very easily removed with a forceps, and, after the central portion had been withdrawn, the pressure of the blood current and the elasticity of the vessel walls forced the remainder out without any curetting and the circulation was re-established from below and above. The government would pay the cost of vaccines for all children under five years of age provided state and local communities set up inoculation programs; and establishment of a National focal point for nationwide activities in the control of air pollution, water pollution, radiation A broad investigation of cold remedies to determine whether or not their advertising overstates their effectiveness has been started by the Federal Trade Commission. The house is an old and well-known one. Mandelstam, of Kazan, has recently made a series of investigations, quoted show that the lesions are much more deeply situated. Some of the plants belonging to this group, are edible; many, unwholesome or poisonous. Never before the days of asepsis would he have thought of retaining the flaps under such circumstances; but he determined to make the effort, and dressed the wound with strict antiseptic precautions, putting on the oiled silk covering.

Opened to the air by removing a strip nearly two inches wide at upper side.

He usually began with the simple exercise of flexing and extending the wrist, bringing into play by these manoeuvres all the muscles of tlie forearms and most of the muscles of the hands and fingers.

Here, however, he differs from most other observers; and I think that the statement can only be admitted to be correct in so far, that those cases in which a bright red eruption covers the whole of the body and lasts for an unusually long time, are generally grave ones. The duration of these known histories of hypertension varied from eleven to thirty -four years. The tongue, however, is very frequently enlarged, and, indeed, has almost a claim to be regarded as one of the" type" symptoms. Yris, blanc, et brun, F., die graue, weisse, und die braune Ipekak., G. Take out the same size drink each time, and every drink will become weaker and weaker, until you get down to clear water, then you will be effectually It can easily be seen that vitapathy is only another of the manifestations of these mesmeric cures, mind-cures, and" Christian" science, so called.

Rates and illustrated booklet gladly sent on request. The Western Reserve Medical College, in Cleveland, is erecting an elegant college building, with all modern improvements. But the opinion expressed by the renowned physician of Tours did not gain general acceptance until his friend and admirer, Trousseau, at first distrustful of the existence of such a paralysis, had made a series of observations which fully established, in his mind, the theory of Bretonneau.

But there is good evidence that the poison is sometimes introduced in drinkingwater. Does the scanty flow of the menstrual blood, which first induces women to seek medical adxdce, and which often precedes graver diseases, tend to show that the menstrual flow REPORT OF THE MICROSCOPICAL COMMITTEE. Evans deserves a place with other great names in the history of the development of dental science.

This is said to kill the pathogenic micrococci as a light, dirty-white, fine, odorless, bitter powder. I really do not see how the diagnosis of"concussion" is to be established as against that of myelitis, when the symptoms are thus remote.

There is some relation of this plasma component to pituitary Finally, there are some instances in which extreme insulin resistance exists, but the plasma of such patients contains insulin by assay and may contain it in tremendous amounts after its exogenous administration. It may occur at any age up to puberty, so that it is not separated by any absolute line of age from the atrophic spinal paralysis of adults.

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