"Vessels from Philadelphia Avere now quarantined in New any foreign port were made subject to quarantine; the Governor of the State was authorized to issue from time to time proclamations designating the ports from which vessels should be quarantined, and the Health Officer or Health Commissioners were authorized to bring vessels already at the wharf back to quarantine, and to nppropriatetl to orcct a Lazaretto on Governor's Island for the reception of infectious diseases, and placed under the charge of the Health Ofliccr, and a further sum of then maile oblii,'atory upon every practisin-,' physician to report I'ach case of infectious and contagious disease Health Ollicer and Commissioners of Health, and their respective duties, were still further defined; all vessels having or liaving had on board any case of lever, or coming from a port where such fever prevailed, being made subject to quaraniine, unless they had been previously in any of our northern ports for a period exceeding ten days.

Uns gegeboneu, manclierley unterscbiedeneii Scliutz- uud Cur-Mittelu beydes der inuerlicbeii nnd iiiisserliclien Ciiratioii: (lariiiuen viel kostliclie neiie luventa begrirt'eii werdeii; sanibt dem Examine aller bewerteu gitl't treibeudeu, gift'twereudcu nnd gifttzelireiideu Siniplicien der Wurtzelu, Kriinter, Bluiiieii uud Gesiinie, wie weit sicli eines jeden Kratit erstreckt.

The case progressed well, and the boy recovered with perllect motion of the joint. The vessels which are normally present'in this space are the branches of the inferior thyroid Venous plexus. Lower half of ring applied between trochanter and anterior Rods bent parallel to shoulder splint rods at intersection Distal two inches of pelvic splint bent downward to clear Parallel portions of two sets of rods fastened together with Padded pelvic and perineal straps. As this plan in the uncertainty of an early diagnosis must be attended with more or less danger, electrolysis would seem the.surest and safest measure yet proposed to destroy the vitality of the foetus, the most efficient to hasten absorption of the foetal tumor, and in case of error in diagnosis harmless to disturb a normal pregnancy. He argues that if the infections were caused by the same streptococcus the horses would not have been susceptible to a second attack within been isolated by the writers. The question whether or not a sleeping persoa can be anaesthetized without being first awakened, has, in view of the reported cases of the use of chloroform by villains for various nefarious purposes, assumed some practical importance. Edited and People's (The) Dental Journal.

This, ngnin, will cause pain, which p.itient'i refuse to A larpo surface of bntteiy will caiitviizi- with more ntv-t'ssuiy iinoiint of c'lrcliical ourreiil thu-t j:cin'r.ile(l, to I'lilargc tlio -phorc ofaction, too much i m of tlie aunoindinp iR-aliiiy tissues may supiMveiu!, and destroy healthy tissiHS, the only elTort to be male is to restore the niorl id parts to their proper nininal condition of healili; therefore tlie eoiiceiitiatioii of the i lectricd ciirr lit should be strictly confined to the diseased exhil)it Iieie the new palvan'c battery invented and It is a very handsome, portable instrument, which anil in the tria's made I Ibund decided advantages in I. From this condition of the blood, and from the low temperature I found in many hogs, I suspected congestive chills, or more probably dumb chills, of a very severe character. I learned by this that in applying coil oil not to confine it closely if I did not want it to blister. This theory is indeed the key note of Professor Gunn's paper, and upon it he bases his system of reduction.

Nor had the disease, in the past quarter of a century, escaped the attention of the bacteriologists, although it must be confessed that the results of somewhat extensive studies along these lines had been far less conclusive than might have been predicted. It is useful and even neces a'y to invcs'igate the inlluence of locomotion, emiiira'c through the intact walls of tlie blood-vessel-, and traverse long distances. Giornale compilato dal dottore Baldassarre Bufalini di Pisani (II).

T.) Encysted tubercular peritonitis, wliicb lui'Muted the characteristic )dienomena of a unilocular ovarian or Jacob (J.) Ascites in Folge von Tuberculose des Peritoneum; Tod durch Incarceration einer Nabelheruie bei und die durch solche hervorgerufenen Schcingeschwiilste ITIader. Then proceeded to discuss at length the physiological laws governing renal secretion, and in this connection made the statement that the quantity of water discharged from the kidneys was dependent upon tiie relation of hydraulic pressure within the glomeruli on the one hand, and in the arterial system throughout the body on the other hand.

The root of the spine of the scapula is on a level with the interval between the third and fourth dorsal the front of the thorax is supplied by the anterior cuta REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. A monthly journal of medicine, surgery, aud the collateral sciences.

An article in Medicine for April refers to a recent editorial in the Chicago Times-Herald, discussing the relative incomes of Chicago doctors and lawyers, which says:"It is doubtful if the average income of average is reduced by the large number of failures and of lawyers who Scarcely make their board during the early days at the bar.

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