His work was, of course, mechanical and had no scientific value.

The principal points are whether cancer is hereditary and contagious, whether it is connected with a particular habit, such as indulgence in alcohol, tobacco, etc., and whether it is more prevalent in one town or All communications regarding papers, reports, etc., should be addressed to the Editor Matters relating to advertising space, etc., to be addressed to the Publisher, William THE HARMLESSNESS OF MODERN WARFARE.

Preparations of belladonna, and erythroxylon cocoa which includes cocaine, should never under any circumstances be used in glaucomatous headache, and permanent good need not be expected from any treatment save an iridectomy, as advised by Dr. I am unwilling to assume as positive a stand against Schlagenhaufer as that taken by Eisel, especially as the case of Pick, immediately to be discussed, must also be considered; but, on the whole, the burden of proof still rests against the assumption that hydatid growth occurs If we accept Schlagenhaufer's view, the theoretical deductions justified in regard to the genesis are not far-reaching. Where so many people are crowded together, the necessity for such precautions forces itself upon the attention of people and in pure selfdefense they must not neglect them. The method of making the curve is described in detail ( The board consists of Major Walter Reed, surgeon; Acting Assistant Surgeon James Carroll, Acting Assistant Surgeon Aristides Agramonte, and Acting Assistant Surgeon Jesse W.

Medical Department of the Columbian University. This erosive action of the normal chorionectoderm follows along certain well-defined lines.

In that year, he carried on a lively correspondence with the eminent antiquary of Northampton, Slyvester Judd, Esq. Attending Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Stechel. It is very desirable to ascertain the extent to which disease will get well of itself; but it is possible to over-do the experiment which is to determine which is to determine this.

Nant tumoi's of these organs, they are rapidly fatal; metastases, both in near and in distant organs, occur early and usually are too far advanced when first seen by the surgeon to permit of a radical cure. Cataract is quite as frequently seen in the negro as the white. Through mechanical means (shaking, brushing, squirt Amerlrnn Medical Association, nt the Fifty-sixth Annual Session, DEFINITION OF THE TERM FERTILIZATION. Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery (Dental and Oral). Gunning Bedford, and was very for relief; but, owing to his influence, it was not done. The per cent of the total deaths reported from diseases. Perry read the following notes of a case of aneurism OF THE aorta RUPTURING INTO THE TRACHEA, and Dr.

By the use of these methods good position of the fragments can be maintained, infection controlled and ample access to the wound for dressing or employment of One should never lose sight of the fact that under peace conditions most compound fractures can be converted into simple fractures by prompt application of iodine and a sterile dressing. When there is much heat and flushing in the eruption, it will often be better to give, in place of the nitric acid, the acetate of potassium, in doses of fifteen grains, with the fluid extract of rumex, and nux vomica, well diluted, half an hour before meals, as in acne rosacea. The only drawback to their employment seems to be the irritant effect of oleic acid, which, however, can be avoided by eliminating it from the oil. Excesses in botli these factors act as excitants of an attack, while a reduction in lx)th is universally preventive and curative. Whether the mobility of a uterus is normal or abnormal requires careful judgment. Moreover, it must be noted that whenever a woman has once been affected with contagious blennorrhagia she can communicate the infection by means of coitus for a very long time, a much longer period, indeed, than is the case with men.

However, the character of the replies made up in great measure for the low percentage, for they showed a degree of interest and careful thought in their preparation that justified their use as a nucleus around which to construct some reasonable estimate of the effects of the lessons of the war.

Honorary Staff, North Shore Glasser, Jeffrey. Senior Assistant Attending Physician, North Shore Lieberman, Bruce A.

But never in all our experience of his previous compositions have we known the learned professor to toss his cap so recklessly in the air as now. There will certainly be some disadvantages, but one must ask sacrifices from the individual for the good of the commonwealth. As a controller of ciliary pain I have not found the cocaine Altliough pain is a very relative term, and varies very much in different patients, and on that account it is necessary to be careful in our observations, still, there seems no doubt that in cocaine we possess a drug of great value in preventing pain during the operation, and keeping the eye soothed for some time after, which cannot fail to conduce to good results in ophthalmic surgery.

The breath may not be fetid if the case is mild or if antiseptic solutions have been used. This book is so well known, and so widely used by medical students and practitioners alike, that a detailed account of the succession in which appear the various matters treated is not deemed necessary. The remaining nineteen operations were cases of abscess of the spleen, plain cysts, echinococcus, amyloid, sarcoma, lympho-sarcoma, obstruction of the spleen, making in all seven In connection with this paper the author has removed the doubts raised against the extirpation of the spleen by Dr. WINTER COURSE OF EXAMINATIONS will begin with the lectures in the University of Pennsylvania in Displacements and Flexions of the Uterus; Inflammation the Uterus; Inflammation of the Ovaries; Tumors of the Ovaries; Ovarian Dropsy; Sterility; Vesico Vaginal PERCUSSION AND AUSCULTATION in Diseases of The Society of the Medical Institute meets once every month, and essays are read and medical subjects discussed by students. In front of the wood behind which we stood, a great cry arose, which, in spite of the thunder of the heavy guns and small arms, was so loud and distinct, as if all the languages of Europe were spoken at once. Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry.

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