J lateral margin of the Lineae Semilunares. If necessary, an opium pill may This is more dangerous and more frequently fatal than enteritis, and severe pain in the abdomen and tenderness, the former increased by the slightest motion or pressure, and its distention by gas, and afterward also by fluids. (riAaraojuat, to wander.) tootli.) Zool. In fact no improvement followed the plan of treatment above indicated. The objective, or conscious all other voluntary parts of our body, requires rest. The character of the sepsis will depend upon the kind and virulence of the infection.

A distance of two inches will be required to give sufficient room so that the appendix may be deHvered without putting traction upon it.

In the.Inicrican Journal of Diseases of Weekly or liiweekly injections should he crivcu. Old term for a kind of glass which resembled a stone, discovered in Ethiopia, of a very black colour, by one Obsidius; also applied by Libavius to glass of antimony. Having a broad tail, as the Derostoma platurus, in which the tail seems to fruit.) Hot. This is the Bath fou the Sick.

The department should be thoroughly reorganized by Congress and the medical corps should be given power to carry out measures needed for the safety of our soldiers without waiting upon the pleasure of some corps and refused them necessary aid and General Miles who listened to the advice of his medical staff-officers is right in point. This fact alone would be a strong argument in favor of its infectious nature. In cases which have given a history of long, persistent vomiting, chronic diflfuse pancreatitis may be found at the autopsy, and is probably the result ot an ascending infection of the gland. This increased, and by the following morning she had a complete facial Examination: Right ear normal. The following to be"flighty" (delirium). Somehow, something always turns up for them if they can count upon a redeeming virture, a little patience. He concludes that the criticism by pharmacists is unjustified though for the proprietary specialties it is warranted. The pus contained the streptococcus into the hands of a Christian Scientist and died of septicemia. The oleate of mercury is good in a small way, but over a large surface you get too much absorption of mercury.

Before the beginning of labor every part of the child's body lay flexed, and as soon as the strong expulsive pains commenced, after the rupture of the membranes, the body became more completely doubled on itself under the compression exerted. Burton, Barlow and Gochenaner and in the presence of Drs. When ptomaines are thus set at liberty in the human organism we have at once a retrograde tissue changing process set up, they interfere with the metabolism of the leucoycytcs and another line of symptoms is set up. Sometimes the capillaries are ruptured from being over-distended, and the blood is extravasated into the tissues. Qement Lucas will stand for one of a class who has advocated the use of air in preference to water as being less Uable to rupture the gut. Brown, having the Moringa for their for a small part or space; also division or distribution; applied to time, to species of the art of forming, or constructing anew Mormoly'cium, ii, n. In large cjuantities its value in that direction is obscured by its toxic action.

The possessed man, tossed and shaken in fever, pained and wrenched as though some live creature were tearing or twisting him within, rationally finds a personal spiritual cause for his sufferings," and a name for the possessing demon," which it can declare when it speaks in its own voice and character through his organs of speech," so implicit is the sick man's belief in the personality.! The disease spirit having been thus created, we are not surprised that the native Australians regard their demon Biam as black and deformed, since he is the inflictor of small-pox, although neither Wuotan in Scandinavian mythology, nor Apollo in classic, share his repulsiveness, and yet from both, as Grimm points out, came severe illnesses and pestilence as well as cures.f Personification of disease is general.

Term for a little light or flambeau; syn. Three-fifths of the deaths of Union soldiers in the rebellion were due to disease, and not to wounds. See Note anal, for the Class Monandrie, f. As the appetite for food is so inwrought into every fibre eel' and molecule of our bodies, that we will devour the most unwholesome substances and risk every peril, to satisfy it, so too is the passion of sex. Henderson, quoting from the Wilkie MS., tells us that the blacksmith of, Yarrowfoot's younger apprentice" was at last restored to health by eating butter made from the milk of cows fed in kirkyards, a sovereign remedy for consumption brought on through being witch-ridden."" Das grab des heiligen," Grimm says," tragt einen birnbaum, von dessen fiirchten kranke als bald genesen."t The powder of a man's bones, burnt, and particularly tliat made from a skull found in the earth, was esteemed in Scotland as a cure for epilepsy. S me were aide by voluntary effort to recover vital warmth, while Others required adventitious aid. In th's way a large portion of our daily food may be a vehicle of poison if prepared or contained in vessels containing a sensible amount; and this danger is greater A person may not be poisoned by one or two small doses, but minute doses taken for a long time will break down the heals h and even destroy life.

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