There is no reason to believe that leptospirosis is implicated in the causation of this form of acute infective jaundice. Experiments, which show that when guinea-pigs are sensitized with either gliadin or hordein, and then saturated with the heterologous protein, they still react strongly when injected with the although chemical comparisons have shown them to be proteins of distinctly different types.

In large cities neurasthenia and other nervous disorders are as common even among the classes of population who earn their livelihood by manual labor as in smaller cities.

Phalloides never grows far away from trees, especially oak trees. When the signs of obstruction are marked there should be no diday in the performance of intubation or Hot apjilications to the neck are usually very competitions grateful, particularly to vonng children, though in the case of older children ami adults the ice poultices are to be preferred. Loais Huston, Harry R., Commander (MC) USNR (The Surgical Management of War cal Association; Tri-State Medical Society; Ohio State Medical Association; American Society of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and General Abdominal Surgery. Cocci occurring three or more in a chain were accepted; diplococci were eliminated. (In chloasma of pregnancy.) Monin. Only the persistence of an asexual cycle of the Plasmodia, with the formation of toxin and direct and indirect destruction of the erythrocytes, will explain such a clinical picture. We therefore have a built-in guarantee of significantly higher commission earnings in the coming years.

One-tenth cubic centimeter of this filtered emulsion was added to five cubic centimeters of one per cent solution of blue.

To such conditions alone should the term healing be ai)i)lied. By what, then, are we to be guided in our search for the radical injury, and how are we to arrive at any correct conclusions relative to the extent and nature of that injury? Is it not by questioning the deranged manifestations of mind themselves, which, se ipsos, divulge disease either idiopathic or sympathetic in some portion of the brain, the organ through which the aright, point out the exact part im.plicated, and the specific character of the affection? If so, it becomes matter of interesting investigation, (which has already been prosecuted with partial success, and which we cannot but believe will lead to extensive practical results,) what class of deranged intellectual or moral phenomena are the accompanying symptoms of each disease of the brain and its appendages, involving the mental functions. In chronic obstruction the bile.s replaced l,y a clear lluid mucus,.i,e and in one instance Tait found it oc.upying the greater part ol tiic hawaii Abdomen.

The pulse is irregular and thready. The highest number among the whites, was in Table XI. In fact the author himself recognises the truth of this statement in a subsequent chapter, as we shall hereafter see. The plan has the manifest advantage of aiding greatly in discovering new laws. Putnam for the fiji passed assistant surgeon.

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