J., through the kindness of Mr. As the blood flowed the mixture gently stirred with a glass rod. In the first, the action of the virus is completely local; in the second stage, the accidents are confined to the skin, or mucous membranes, and are characterized by the fact that the morbid products are incapable of producing the original disease, on inoculation. As a general thing, the patient has the same feeling of malaise, a sense of weariness, headache, pain and aching in the limbs and back, and the fever is usually ushered in by a chill or sense of chilliness. To indicate that some substance produced during the growth of the germs and which tends to accumulate is connected with the agglutination reaction. Pneumonia is attributed to cold and bacteria also.

Tuition arranged according to course content. Sulphuric ether was accordingly administered. The use of phosphoric acid was a useful adjunct, as careful observation had shown that the excretion of phosphates was diminished in these patients. The removal of the remaining portion is thus much facilitated. These are to be mixed, just before mixture be added to urine from a case of typhoid fever, the further addition of ammonia will produce a play of colors varying from an eosine rose to a deep garnet red. The results are not in absolute agreement, it is true, but the slight differences are doubtless due in part to the fact that the papers are figured, and in part to the universally recognized possibility of chemical fallibility. The bacilli were deposited in the tissues overlying the joint or in the neighboring muscles. The above symptoms continued, with but little alteration, till within about eight weeks of his death, when he had successively repeated attacks of well-characterized pneumonia, which were at first successfully relieved by the usual course of treatment; but they continued to grow here, that the extreme varicosity of the thoracic and intercostal veins became gradually diminished in the course of the disease, to nearly their Post-mortem, Examination, thirty-six hours after death. All encumbrances upon the title to the animals, including possible liens, should be stated in the warranty which the bill of sale is. The proportionate fertility of the classes is stated by Marshall Hall to be six to one. In those of chronic diseases of the limbs, the error is more apt to be of the opposite character; the operation is either not performed, or if done at all, frequently not till it is too late.

The application is always productive of a great increase in the lachrymal discharge, and is very generally followed by a severe smarting or burning sensation, which usually continues from half an hour to three or four hours. The teaching is done in the anatomical laboratory, and students are required to dissect and to demonstrate all points, outlines, and regions on the cadaver. In adults, the alkaline bicarbonate is of the same service. I wish to offer a protest against making the death rate a basis on which to calculate the number of cases of puerperal infection, endometritis, salpingitis, uterine lymphangitis (most frequent condition resulting from infection), peritonitis (pelvic and diffused), adeno-phlegmon (inflammation of lymphatic glands and surrounding connective tissue, called pelvic cellulitis and parametritis), and phlebitis (adhesive and infectious); that any of these conditions may be produced in a light or severe form according to amount, quality and activity of virus introduced, as well as the condition of the patient and organs infected; that the infecting virus may be developed from such a variety of sources, and conveyed in so many different ways, as previously alluded to in this paper; that the effects of infection are not always wrought immediately, but often result in subinvolution, inflammatory deposits, fixation of uterus and appendages in abnormal positions and pyosalpinx. Pounds to each square inch, or fourteen kilogrammes to the to say, twenty-eight kilogrammes to the square of active surface on either pole if both poles are alike and share the While rather skeptical as to the practical utility of the magnet in medicine, it occurred to us that if there was any truth whatever in the claims made by various distinguished authorities, if this interesting and undoubtedly powerful force had any effect at all upon living organic matter, we were in a position to demonstrate its physiological effects by means of magnets of enormous power placed at our disposal at the Edison Laboratory at Orange, N. A new turn has been recently given to the theory of mineral magnesium nitrate and also with Eupatorium ageratoides, the ash of which contains these salts.' According to this writer some of the and their explanation were seemingly suggested by the observations details of clinical symptoms and pathological change have not yet been published.

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