A trip along our great lakes, camping out, or long sea voyages in rather warm climates are to be advised.

Chemiatey serves most valuable purposes in connexion vritb water analysis, eqpeeiaUy in so far as positive results are concerned; but hitiHrto the chwdst has failed to detect typhind sKcvsta even iriMn THE MEmOPOLrTAN HOSPITAL SUNDAY FUND. The surgeon must accept the responsibility of these deaths in the absence of a professional anesthetist; and not only the surgeon but the medical man who refers the case will be expected to share that responsibility by the patient's family.

Also that there was rectal trouble, and instructed us to teed him for the next day or two, and take the chances of moving him, to which the patient readily assented, bringing his Scotch will to aid in bracing him up for the journey of five hundred miles. The color is a rose or livid red. In only twenty-one per cent, of patients did hemorrhage occur after they had come under care. In examining drops of fermenting wine under the microscope, Pasteur found them teeming with minute bodies which he called micro-organisms.

It is important in diagnosis to bear in mind that, since the introduction of antityphoid inoculation, there are many cases of typhoid in which it is not possible to obtain positive blood cultures early in the disease. Musgrove of Blount of Walker County, constituted the Board of Botanic Physicians for County of Blount. Local infiltration anesthesia with solutions of one half to one quarter per cent, of novacaine with or without epinephrine in small amounts is safe and satisfactory in a large mmiber of cases. There was not any swelling in the throat, nor was there any tumour in any part of the body within reach of examination.

Monomania, or paranoia, is a chronic mental disease characterized by fixed delusions of persecution or self exaltation, while the emotions and memory are defective only at times:

The name glosso-laryngeal paralysis, given to this affection by Trousseau, is open to the objection that laryngeal paralysis is among the late events of its clinical history, and does not always occur. But we would go a step further and urge that a pastime which counts thousands for its votaries, and implies the outlay of paying for the attendanoe of a qoalifled medical man at all meetings, held under the Hunt rules. Partlow and Governor Sparks as an expression of appreciation for their efforts in obtaining a fouryear Medical School in Alabama.

The patient had acquired the habit into this pocket and rubbing the shot together.

In this case, the evidence of the disease was based on the appearance after a, debauch, and prove rapidly fatal. Taction on the entering layer of the intossusoeption would not lednce it, but by fixing the entering layer with one hand and unfolding the wrinkles of the sheath with the of the"neck,"reduction became possible andeasy. The Medical Association of the Southwest held its tenth annual meeting in Oklahoma City, Okla., on October D.

Virtually all of the information dealing with health conditions in wartime England used in this article is taken from During the entire war, it was revealed, than two-fifths, were damaged by enemy times by high explosives, while others suffered grave damage from fire raids. Before the Assembly adjourned both the laws already in effect and the probable influence of the new State Association, asked and received special dispensations from the legislature. The following vacancies are announced: GENERAL INFIRMARY AT GLOUCESTER AND THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE HiTRnRITM DNION.- Medical Officer for Workhouse. The placenta was removed by expression, and the vagina syringed out with warm carbolic solution.

Examination of the chest gave a negative result. Abbott Laboratories; Acriflavine and Proflavine. He trusted he might long be spared to continue his good work, both as editor of tne Beitish Medical Journal and as a public man. By PERCY KiDD, the time of observation, but symptoms developed at the ages of fourteen and thirteen respectively. It is to be borne in mind, in examinations after death, that the presence of serum in considerably larger quantity than is usually found beneath the arachnoid membrane is not adequate proof of meningitis. Of course it may be doubted whether the single instillation of atropine fully revealed the total hyperopia, but that is not the main question or object of this paper, which is merely to call attention to the nervous troubles, headaches, etc., which may be due to refractive errors. To bacteria, or its ptomaines, have not as yet been shown to be caused by any specific form. I have seen an tubal pregnancy, from loss of blood. As regarded paid unqualified assistants, it would be unjust to many of these if the resolution were carried into effect at necessary to draw a lino somewhere, and it seemed that this should bo where the exercise of professional discretion and the employment of medical skill came into action.

A few patients described an improvement in their symptoms after excitation of the cardiac reflex, such as feeling better, sleeping better, and being less dyspneic.

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