This man was using the oil for two months, and called at my house once a week, for the last six weeks, where I weighed him, and tried his lungs with Hutchinson's spirometer.

Instances have come under the author's observation, wherein short-lived parents, when united according to the laws of physical adaptation, have had viable children, who gave promise of living much beyond the age of their progenitors; but long-lived ancestry, combined with temperamental adaptation, better favors the longevity of offspring.

Some of these cases had been treated for years for cystitis without any knowledge as to the origin of the trouble. There is, then, abundant evidence to show that the pancreas has a marked influence on the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Its argument is always conceited and always mean. Cystine was always insoluble, on account, he supposed, of the contained sulphur element.

With a remarkable instinct concerning the philosophy of this phenomenon, the semi-barbarians of Kamtschatka require a widow to sleep with a stranger before contracting a second marriage, which act, they say, purifies them and renders them eligible for subsequent espousement. AVhen the wife of an affluent and highly respected citizen, surrounded at home with every luxury heart could desire, is so afflicted with a propensity to steal, that the husband gives notice to the merchants to watch her and charge her thefts to his account, the doctors and men of law pronounce the insane peculiarity a disease which they call kleptomania. Of this old church, too, and of a certain spot in it, I have vivid memories, though they are indeed, with a distinct flavor of peppermints. Many of us still remember the old building, with its pillars and cupola and the round windows in the fourth story.

Come with me then into the heart of the tenement di.-itrict and listen to the answers which are given:o the inspectors and nurses in response to their plea for early and proper treatment of the physical defects found in the school children, and to their advice on prevention of contagion, on child diet, child care, hygiene, and sanitation. Follow roads that lead somewhere. Of course we exclude all from our order, who, having adopted any special or peculiar system of treatment, are termed irregular practitioners; it matters not whether such have a diploma or not, they have cast themselves without the pale of medical science and should no longer be recognized as belonging to the profession. The finger is now introduced into the nose on the convex side, pushing the segments into the concavity, care being taken to break them effectively. In treating the nephritis, hot packs favor elimination. Treatment usually, though not cases of secondary syphilis, negroes show a higher lymphocytosis, thirty-five per cent., than do whites, twenty-six per cent. The material or atomic ingredients of their bodies must be, in a measure, unlike, and must also exist in diverse form. Sollier, of Paris, is the author of the article on idiocy. It was usually injected in rather large amounts, at first four, six, and eight ounces every twelve hours. One of the flagella was seen to enter a spherical form, the pigment of which immediately became greatly agitated. This disease deserves special mention because it is of rather frequent occurrence in Siberia among M. At last the attacks became continuous, and were accompanied by a certain amount of spasm of the leg. The following table shows the relative frequency of occurrence in the various It would appear that foreign bodies could enter Wharton's duct more readily than the others on account of its greater size and the location of its orifice. Needed a plaster dressing he applies the Whitman foot-plate. A Book of Short Stories Concerning the Doctor's Daily Life, Selected Like the first volume of this series this one is made up with one or two exceptions of a selection from the literature of stories concerning the doctor's daily life, many of which are by standard authors.

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