The medical treatment to be pursued will be about as follows: If the malady, is still a scirrhus, attempts should be made to disperse it, particularly if it is purely local, and the health of the patient still remains good.

Impart strength to the portions of the body for which they are specially adapted. Spermaceti is used in surgery for ointments and cerates. The frequently employed combination of sparteine with strychnine seems a useful one.

X ray observations showed that the ingestion of food resulted within half an hour in well marked motor excitation of the cecum and ascending and transverse colon, but only slightly of the descending colon, and not at all of the sigmoid. When that is the case, the following three rules must be noted: smell, it indicates an ulcer on the bladder; but if the urine is that of a woman, it reveals an ulcer of the womb. Every catarrh is a rheumatic, light inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and trachea and their branches.

Mallory and Hornor contributed, from the same laboratory, valuable knowledge on the histologic, mechanical lesion of pertussis and on the relation of the Bordet-Gengou bacillus to that lesion. It is vastly superior to the Brand method of treatment by cold baths. No treatment was employed; nevertheless, he recovered, in about a week, sufficiently to get about. To the medico-legal expert the work offers a veritable mine of information, particularly in that portion of pathologic anatomy with which a coroner's physician has to deal.

Augusta, Gra., Contributions Relating to the Causation and Prevention of Disease?, of the anterior aspect of the thigh, received in February, the great trochanter; the ball, which was said to be from a minnie musket, had lodged. Une, the line joining the arachnoid which is near the base of the cranium. He showed complete paraplegia and sensory loss from his return were complete except for a residual paralysis of the peroneal group of one leg, where there had been some actual destruction of anterior horn cells. This, for numerous reasons, is detrimental to public welfare and morality." The reasons given are as follows: I.

Already there has been noted an increasing difficulty in obtaining opium from this source.

I choked down the insult, walked, into the sick-room, offered my hand, which was accepted and shaken, then I explained the situation and took leave. It is heavier than in the first stage, solid, sinks in water and cannot be inflated. One should take into consideration not only the radiograph, but also tlie physical signs and symptoms, in making the diagnosis. It was this lack which caused men to lie wounded on the field of battle for days City of Washington. Hartwell, John Bryant, from Norfolk to Suffolk. These animals had been grazed on pastures on which red-water in cattle was very prevalent, several of the cows on the pasture being affected at the same time.

Its walls were thin, but opaque white; they were composed of fibro-cellular tissue, with delicate pale filaments, intricately interwoven, and not so fully organized as that of the large sac.

Confined almost entirely to the extremes of life. It is not nearly so common as it was some years ago.

The gravelly plain of the Rio Chico has an argillaceous and therefore an impervious substratum. As a matter of fact it is more or less puttering and does take the physician's time, bxit such eases do anyway; it is not over pleasant for the patient, but it carries no greater risk of infection than any other cleanly done procedure; it is often surprisingly rapid, and it carries a margin of safety over divulsion of the tight cervix and abdominal section. Both patients had a hypoleucocytosis. Will you prescribe for me?""How much morphine are you accustomed to use?""About ten grains a day." The doctor makes out a prescription for a dram of morphine and counsels the patient to use only so much as he directs. Amid an eternal heritage of sorrow and suffering our work is laid, and this eternal note of sadness would be insupportable if the daily tragedies were not relieved by the spectacle of the heroism and Quickly there arises the memory of the men who Devotion great empire (India). For a number of years, there had been sent to the home of the patient, certainarticles of fancy work and some fruit from Porto Rico. Rilliet and Barthez have noticed the existence of a loud, sonorous ronchus, which persists for a considerable length of time.

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