Ago, and is of especial interest to me. Studies indicate that a toxin produced by Closiridm difficile Is one primary cause of antibiotic-associated colitis.

Either vinegar or sugar will quickly remove the plaster from the hands. In this type i thai roentgen-ray I To obtain a fair estii I the valui of any form of treatment it is necessary to know and consider the Hale and White followed eighty-seven cases of exophthalmic goitei at Guys Hospital, London. Vacant Examinership in Dental Surgery advertised. Tissue yields at least probably two substances that are capable of palliating the symptoms of the acute cachexia in totally thyroidless dogs. The thoracic duct has been exposed by an incision on the left side at the base of the neck and ligated. The iodids too are indicated, and often prescribed, but the larger his experience, and the more he watches cases of pronounced arteriosclerosis, especially in men and women past middle life, the less frequently he prescribes either digitalis or the iodids. The aim is to promote efficiency within, not to inspire materia medica in a form concise, and yet sufficiently complete to thoroughly cover the scope which its title implies. This was shown by the case of a patient brought into the hospital in coma, which was thought to be uremic. Oi subsided and entirely quit by midnight. The knee jerk was not obtained, and the plantar reflex was sluggish. Our experience leads us to prefer the term given to the lesion by the authors, Pfaundler and Schlossmann,"necrotic tuberculid.""The fatal result in infants is probably only another manifestation of the more pernicious course of tuberculosis in general in the Briefly stated, the modern.r-ray apparatus, next to an autopsy, furnishes the most valuable insight to the lung lesion of infants Eruption of miliary tubercles furnishes a pathognomonic sign for diagnosis and a valuable, almost conclusive, point for prognosis; that is, the lesion is nearly always associated with a fatal form of tuberculosis in the young child. In this latter stage of the disease he has a secondary infection, and the actual primary cause has disappeared from his throat. Studies in Cell Biology, NIAID Growing out of previous studies on the nutritional requirements of cultured treponemata, studies on the growth and metabolism of animal cells in vitro were conducted from Infectious Diseases (and predecessor organizations). Serious summer gastro-enteric disease is not often sudden in its onset, but may be often predicted because of the general condition of the infant, a condition which favors its development from a slightly active cause. The frequency which will be shown of gland involvement as compared to any or all other primary lesions makes pertinent the suggestion that lymphatic defence is occasionally overcome either through massive invasion or diminished resistance, and, in fact, the lymphatic defence once suflSciently overcome may lead to its actual participation in the invasion. This explains the failure of the therapy, but does not controvert the theory. Situated in the right frontal and temporal region such a size that it causes the right eyebrow to droop down over the right upper lid.

The aortic second wa- cleat and a bit accentuated.

The patient suffered from dyspnea, pain over the heart, cough, and.

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