Precisely as eczema, a general class which formerly harbored almost every scaly and itching eruption of the skin, has diminished in frequency from thirty-three or more per cent, to about twenty or twenty-five per cent, of all cases of skin disease, so pemphigus, in proportion as our knowledge increases, presents an ever-lessening Pemphigus is a chronic affection of the skin, which runs a rather indefinite course and is characterized by the development of successive crops of buUfe rising abruptly from a non-inflammatory base.

Another interesting question is the nature of the relation between gastric ulcer and the menstrual irregularities which so frequently accompany it. He then cut his own throat, but not so severely but that he was able to walk out, and was taken to King's College Hospital. Although they may not always be included in the questions put by the Office, yet the law will equitably hold that the insurers should be made acquainted with all circumstances which might reasonably affect the risk. In children, these osteites with suppuration and necrosis disappear generally at the end of three or four years, leaving only the hyperostosis behind them. Of the dark discoloration of the lower eyelids was published and since then Dr. The position of the nerve protects it to some extent from sudden violence, but exposes it to damage from long-continued pressure, as in certain postures not unfrequently assumed during sleep. Elliot removed with the curette and scissors. But the fat of the soft parts has not the same composition, that is, it is not combined with the same albuminoid or gelatinous substance, the presence of which perhaps renders the decomposition of the fat of the bones easier and more deleterious; moreover, I have told you that traumatic fever sometimes occurs also during the first period of wounds of the soft parts. Plato assigned this name to that spirit with whom the Supreme Being intrusted the government of the world. One of Lailler, Ch., Physician to the Hopital St. A number of specimens of tin used in canning food, says the tin is generally pure, and iu his opinion such acids as would be present in canned food would not affect impure tin enough to cause The Frencli Commissioner of Hygiene admits cases of lead-poisoning from canned food in cans made of tin and lead alloy, and suggests that a law M.

During the last two or three years a very large numln'r of Tail's operations iuid been perforiufd with extremely satisfactory results, as a rule; and Tail liimself had performed no less llian whicli he had collected with great care from various HfiurecH, and added one of his own to liw! list. In such cases there is no way of knowing what has caused the affection of the nails, the history being in most cases too inaccurate to permit of asserting the existence of a forerunning neuritis. These Examinations, especially the mode in which They succeed each other, have many inconveniences, to which I shall revert on another occasion.

The sulphur salves may be usefully emi)loyed in the facial, pustular, and acneiform lesions which the ingestion of the remedy has produced. The assistant, in arranging the instrument, so attached it that the air in the bottle was compressed. Some, or one, of the Medical titles distinguished in the said Act, and acting in all respects as duly qualified Practitioners, hut in all cases they have tailed in obtainii g a conviction. Dermatitis, epidemic eczema, and ei)idemic skin disease (Savill). This author has seen the elements of lichen scrofulosorum disappear under the action of injections of Koch's tuberculin. Having a large farm belonging to the institution, there was ample space for the construction of a number of cottages of limited capacity, that would in and of themselves have been a valuable curative agent in the proper care and treatment of those who are consigned to its precincts. In such BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. However feeble the genius may be, his parents or grandparents are usually strong; or if not strong, are long-lived. Nevins Hyde, M.D., who has given an admirable historic account of the disease.

As in the other case, the conditions were kept closely identical with all specimens; micrometer fastened in the ocular. The case was reserved by Crowder, J, for the opinion of the judges whether the offence that the offence did not in law amount to the crime of rape.