In stenosis of the aorta or pulmonary ostium, on the other hand, the eddy arises above the semilunar valves in the first part of the artery in the blood driven through the narrow orifice during the ventricular systole. Kennedy himself), trying to lessen and relieve suffering and disease, have, instead, increased and confirmed them. These cases, called mediastino-pericarditis, may end not only in the formation of adhesions between the two layers of the pericardium, but also between the outer surface of the pericardium and neighboring structures.

It delights mainly in municipal dust-bins and the garbage in the surface drains of the narrow gullies to be found between every JDlock of houses in Bombay. But then this layer ou the anterior surface of the cornea does not present exactly the same, or at least all, the anatomical and chemical characters as the sclerotic conjunctiva. I state the fact, but can oflTer no I have unfortunately lost the supply of Bristol lymph, as mentioned before (i). Its diagnosis may occasionally be made by the discovery of the Koch bacillus; and its presence is always to be considered probable when the pus contains no pathogenic germs or only the staphylococcus.

The Hot Springs of Arkansas and Virginia furnish here the necessary requirements, with pure atmosphere and relaxation from domestic and business cares.

If attempts at hygienic treatment are unsatisfactory, a circumcision should be carried out. Chopart records that when Astruc, ten years before his death, which attempted to introduce a catheter, but met with an obstruction from a tumor in the neck of the bladder. I refer especially to conditions of occasional periodic atony in neurotic individuals.

It does seem, however, that these factors whatever they might be. Vi., can be done by the collection and analysis of epidemiological facts alone, and they in every way confirm the conclusions arrived at by the second Indian Plague Commission, and are therefore of extreme value and" The Bombay Plague, being a History of the Progress of Plague in the Plague Commission (Second), Reports on Plague Investigations in India," Obstetrics: A Text-hooJc for the Use of Students and Practitioners. - in the second resected and the uterus amputated. - here is a distinction without a difference, for how would it work! The Secretary, either on his own initiative or that of an outside body, may, when an application is juade for a money grant by a University, order an investigation to be made. The relative proportion of this cannot be always easily stated, for no general law can be deduced from a few cases; but, on comparison, a difference in favour of the non-mercurial plan of treatment is readily With regard to the certainty of cure, so far as the mercurial treatment is concerned, we must say, with many of our unprejudiced colleagues, that we are convinced by bitter experience that syphilis very often returned, in the secondary form, after the most cautious use of mercury, the most careful selection of the preparation, the strictest attention to for the primary symptoms, although, it is to be observed, the smallest portion of them had been imder our care.

It is possible that the same principle can be applied to the phenomena of anaphylaxis or sensitization in general; namely, that the degree of protein immunity has considerable influence on the speci ficity. A further and more striking instance of marked toxicity of a normal serum is. The epiblast is well-marked, and is seen in continuity with the medullary folds of the neural canal. The gauze can be drawn out and the required quantities cut off with scissors without disturbing or exposing The ball and its box can be sterilised apart from one another. Smears from blood and organs yielded enormous numbers of bacilli, particularly involvement of upper lobes. By a profit on the medicines they supply. Layers of coagulated blood, as stated, may line the interior or may even obliterate the sac with perfect restitutio ad integrum," for the earthy matter of the blood," said Pare long ago," being dry and thickened, adheres to the coats of the artery and to the parts that it occupies, thus to become bony and hard; and this by great foresight of nature sets a rampart of strong barrier, lest the hot and aneurysmal artery." Sutton reported the cure of an aneurysm of the arch of the aorta by rest and restricted diet, with the use of iodide of potassium and ergot.