This remark is equally, if not more, applicable to certain cases of disease which come to England from "" abroad. I am confident, too, that the duration of many pleurisies would be shortened by such a treatment. Soon no cases except those occurring in widespread epidemics will be attributed to water transmission.

It is even hinted that venereal diseases were totally absent among them, but it is not for me to prove or to disprove this conjecture.

Everyone would agree that aortic insufficiency furnished the largest number of cases presenting cardiac pain, but, excepting these, the most striking he could recall were those in which there was degeneration of the heart- muscle. These, in brief, are the important physical signs no one of them in itself pathognomonic, each one, in connection with the others and with the general symptoms, suggestive. Only when exaggerated is it felt by the fingers. Spinal cord normal to naked eye.

They are not to be taken as indications of the duration of the immunity produced, disappearing in both classes after a year or so ( Another of these antidotes was the Eryngion ("sea holly") which shared even with garlic a very creditable proportion of the power against snake poison. While the spinal ganglia on the posterior roots have been found invaded in a few cases only, it is the disposition of some observers to place the initial changes of the morbid process constituting tabes dorsalis in these ganglia, and thence the fibers ascending into the posterior columns. Measures which tend to diminish this, mainly the substitution of a scanty for an overabundant diet, simple and easily-digested foods, dilute milk, and thin broths, and the avoidance of fats, alcohol, apd sugar.

The peritoneum at the lower angle of the wound is seized with hemostatic forceps and drawn into the incision and the first suspension suture introduced close to its divided edge on the left side. When once the seed has taken a firm root in the body we cannot with certainty at the present time kill it. Children should be taught to be fearless, fearless for themselves and for the future. The treatment of peripheral aneurysm, as of the popliteal and femoral, is usually relegated to the surgeon, who will treat it by ligation or compression. My mother has been dead eight years, and coming of the Summary often brings her into memory, and I have made up my mind to take the Medical Summary as long as you live, as I appreciate your efforts in making the Medical Summary such a splendid Journal. The eyes looked brilliant and savage; the ocular media were perfectly transparent; the pupil Avas still very contractile; there was no impairment of sight, and Miss X.

As to drugs, they are of limited utility. I have no statistical data to contradict the mayor on this last proposition, but I will say that one has only to go through the citv hospitals, jails, station houses, and insane asylums to be convinced of the fact that drunkenness does exist, and constitutes, roughly speaking, more than thirty per cent, of the clientele of these institutions. Subscribers changing their address should immediately notify us of their present and past locations.

Breath sounds were lost over part of this area and diminished over another part. The patient feels as if his chest, his arms, or legs, were compressed by an india-rubber cuirass. Remedies should be is indicated.

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