In those cases where the hyperaemia and catarrh of the stomach are symptomatic of great abdominal plethora, depending on compression of the portal vein, or obstruction to the flow of blood from the hepatic veins, surprising results are often obtained by an abstraction of blood from the anastomoses of the portal vein by applying leeches at the anus.

If, then, to these circumstances we add the risks from hemorrhage in labor, besides the risks from version and other artificial interiference and aids, we can understand that the risks to the child must always remain so great as to permit of the safe delivery of but a small proportion, and we may also understand why nature, in her beneficence, looking to the safety of the In conclusion, what are the causes of this accident of parturition whidi, despite of all proposed methods of management, continues, in its fatality to children, as merciless as the execution of the Herodian edict for the slaughter of the innocents, and, more merciless than that, destroys also a large percentage of the mothers, causing lamentation and mourning in households, and anxious care and harassing disappointment, and vexatious dissatisfaction to the physician with the results of his most energetic and conscientious efforts to bring the labor to rumana may be exposed to it. It appears that where irritational factors are the greatest, the extent of the hyperplasia is the Hyperplasia activity is greatest most of the time on the labial surface of the anterior teeth, while very few cases ever show lingual involvement.

He "" thought it perfectly possible thiU in Dr.

If the mucous membranes are yellow, the tongue furred, and faeces scanty, hard, and foetid, a dose of calomel (horse or ox, one drachm; sheep or pig, one scruple; dog, three grains; chicken, one-half graiii) with tartar emetic (horse or ox, two drachms; sheep, twenty grains; swine, one-half grain; dog, one-fonrth grain; chicken, one-eighth grain) may be given and followed in ten hours by one of the laxatives named above. The values represent SEM for six animals in each group ( That I have done so in all cases of first attack I assure you. Surrounding the Haversian canal are concentrically arranged belts of oblong spaces called lacunce.

Perhaps five years from now we might overhear a prelude to action and planning for the sake of planning is discussed. The prognosis of chronic Bright's disease is bad, death eventually resulting from uremia or apoplexy.

Even a few minutes after the administration of a small dose of morphia, there is relief or even complete freedom from pain. Lodgement of acrid matter in the intestines, flatulency, the irritation of teething, worms, water on the brain, the striking in of a rash, or the accession of some disease, such as small pox, scarlatina, etc.

The fibrous parts of the bark are used in making cordage, and have a limited use in name given to an impure sugar procured by concentrating molasses and allowing it to crystallize slowly Bastelaer's Test. A constantly Increasing mass of testimony points to the conclusion that the restraint of an ungovernable sexual desire is one cause of the development of the malady, and it is even supposed that the maternal instinct has had a similar effect after the puppies have been removed.

The new formation was endosed by a fine membrane, could be quite readily freed from the surrounding parenchyma, and appeared to come firom the walls of the blood-vessels and bileducts. Those individuals who have demonstrated continual illegal and antisocial activities, in addition to their narcotic addiction, should receive medical treatment within a correctional facility. On the other hand, the abdominal operation has solid advantages founded on great principles of surgery and can never be shaken; for it gives greater certainty of diagnosis, greater facility to work by sight, the possibility of recognizing and overcoming unforeseen complications, greater security against wounding intestines and ureters, and better control over hemorrhage. Pleurisy, or pleuritis, is inflammation of the pleura, or investing exposure to cold, especially after violent exercise, blows on the chest, fracture of the ribs, tubercles in the lungs. It has long been well known that for a certain class of contagious diseases a first attack protects its victim for many years, or even for a lifetime, against a second. The pulse was so rapid there was scarcely more than a nickering. It should be' clearly understood that tonsilar hypertrophies are not expected to be absorbed by the action of these remedies, or by the action of any other remedies internally administered, but to prevent recurrence, after removal by surgical means, and at benign nature, and many of the acute affections, are prevented by the above surgical and remedial measures. ; respiration same as yesterday; pulse slows during intervals of non-respiration and accelerates with return of breathing; sleeps most of the time without moving; when flushed, right pale; signs of iodism, hypersecretion nasal mucous membrane; occasional sneezing; congestion of conjunctivae, especially right; no eruption. Suffocative attacks occur but seldom. Thus we may understand that the vertebral column, as a whole, represents two pyramids applied base to base, the upper being formed by all the vertebrae from the second cervical to the last lumbar, and the inferior by the sacrum and coccyx. Froschlaich, Froschlaichpilz, Pilz der Dextrangahrung, Ger. Firequently extends frt)m the adventitia to the surrounding parts, inducing suppuration and formation of abscesses, so that inflammation of the parenchyma'of the liver, which tenninates in the formation of abscesses, often accompanies suppurative pylephlebitis. Cent, solution of sodium carbonate (lo parts of calcined sodium carbonate to loo parts of water).

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