Sir James Paget has written of this inquiry, in relation to the powers which fevers have in developing constitutional disease, that it is one" of the highest interest, and full of promise of utility, to one who wiil carefully study it." Already a knowledge of the fact that such a connexion exists, is of the greatest practical importance, and as it is most likely that a further knowledge is only to be attained by a close study of cases which have been carefully observed, I am induced to record two interesting examples which have recently occurred in my surgical practice. We also call your attention to the following preparations: A. The shock to her system was for the time dangerous; the stimulant, given at another time, would have proved dangerous also; the two united are harmless. With such arrangements it is no wonder that they can do so much original work; moreover, a professor's salary, or, rather, yearly income (there is a fixed salary, but besides this, all the lecture fees belong to him; so, you see, the more students attend his lectures, the more money flows into his pocket) is far in excess of what a general practitioner can make. In one branch there are four marriages of cousins in five successive generations, one of them being of double first cousins. Miles When the sex chromatin was present in cancer cells, it was more often double or larger than in benign cells. The advantages of lead in the glaze are that it melts at a low temperature and gives a deep gloss with a delicate bluish tint which is generally admired.

Either the shoulders or hips, furnishes means for the prolonged application cfa sufficiently large amount of hot water, aud completely conveys away all the drip without risk of wetting the clothing: N.) Lecture on the causes and Galligo (I.) Trattato teorico-pratico sulle Geigel ( a. Hastening away and examining the"vaccine," he claimed it to consist largely of elaterium and other violent irritants, which also were found in the pills he was ordered to take subsequently. He died ultimately of mortification of the legs, the result, doubtless, of an embolism; and I have since heard that an examination of tlie remains brought to light an aneurism of one (or of both?) of the external iliacs, which had, up to that time, almost escaped observation. - with this bare outline of facts it is necessary to omit much that is interesting.

Ward consider'd; with a postscript, in which are some remarks upon a late report from M. Of Interest to all Medical Practitioners.

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