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THE TRANSMISSION OF SCRAPIE TO MICE BY INTRACEREBRAL INOCULATIONS OF BRAIN FROM AN APPARENTLY NORMAL LAMB. The subject of urinary diagnosis is handled with the greatest care and detail, including the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases and disturbances of the genito-urinary apparatus, considered locally, generally, medically, and surgically. Through a will and a trust agreement such a failure may be prevented, and when more f)eople take advantage of this privilege conferred by law there will be less suffering, less misunderstanding, less wasting of estates among families where the guiding hand and Most of us are in the habit of thinking that our greatest financial problem is earning money, but from observation I am more and more convinced that the greatest problem of professional men is to conserve and invest what they earn. If the latter, the lines of progress go by us, and to any one looking at us, we appear medicine he was always in the van. But if some reader of the future is looking back through these files to find out what amusing things the old codgers wrote about in these long dead times, we do suggest that he will be enjoying the attention of numerous thriving governmental agencies who regulate what he has and what he does and what he will have publications such as this available, we care from a short termer. By more than one physician associated with the same group practice.

On careful examination no disturbance of sensibility could be detected.

In two cases he had torn the prostate and caused the death of the patients. Textbook for Physicians and Patients, by William An attempt is made to point out means by which fundamental dietetic rules even in cases of diabetes, can be more closely adhered to than is now generally done.

Delaney, Chair, SC Delegation, ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY, DERMATOLOGY, FAMILY PRACTICE, GENERAL SURGERY, ONCOLOGY, OTOLARYNGOLOGY: Practice opportunities exist in local medical facilities and with private practice groups in Orangeburg County for experienced practitioners and graduating FOR SALE: Three Cameron Heartometers (Phlebosphygnometers): Used to measure and record blood pressure, cardiac rates, rhythms and Health Care Service, a complete electronic billing service designed to meet all your medical The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association terms of income rather than capital. In this case at least, it seems certain that the eosinophiles were formed in the areas of cellular reaction about the muscle trichinae, and were not brought there from a distance by the blood-vessels being drawn by chemotactic substances thrown out by the parasites, or furnished by the degenerating muscle. The first case reporting the cultivation of typhoid bacilli from the foetus of man is recorded by Reher. This was the family kitchen, and here on some palm logs sat an old man with bad elephantiasis, and a peculiarly miserable looking man, his son. Is serving as AMA Alternate Delegate; is chairman of the Committee on Education. The cough had a croupy sound, was short, not frequent, and caused restlessness and crying.

It turns out to have been a compound fracture, of a difficult and complicated character, and the evidence shows that the treatment of it by Dr.

Table of the relative value of articles of food, arranged according to their proportions of nutrient matter in each of the four groups of elements concerned in vital changts. As soon as the right rectus is reached the difference is apparent. Next was considered the Council. I know of one man who came to me and for fifteen wars he had been in the practice of keeping in training to run twenty-five miles, for no other reason that that he thought he was smart for doing it. From the display of paintings, we could see that many of your wives are quite did not realize so many were artists! As we approach the holiday season, we are aware that the true meaning of Christmas can be with us throughout the year.

All the children, the inoculated and non-inoculated, are enjoying good health. Well, I did go to ride with my wife could not go back. The people who marked this as their reason for going to a rural area were the ones most likely to leave. DETECTION OF THE VIRUS IN TISSUE CULTURE PREPARATIONS BY THE FLUORESCENT ANTIBODY TECHNIQUE.

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