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The magistrate declared the patient an incompetent and appointed a conservator for the purpose of consenting to surgery, blood transfusion, medicine and drugs.

Operation: The sinus was first swabbed with tinct. Many medical spokesmen have voiced fears that HMOs encourage ascendancy of economy over quality. Are concerned with the constantly escalating costs of health care; and WHEREAS it has been statistically proven that hospital costs are the principal factor in the overall cost of WHEREAS the attending physician is concerned with rising hospital costs and recognizes that he admits the patient to the hospital, orders the utilization of laboratory, x-ray and other facilities, and prescribes the medications and services necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of his patient which constitutes a WHEREAS the physician, in most instances, has no knowledge of the charges made to his patients by the hospital for various ancillary facilities and services it provides, or for the NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the ISMA instruct the president of ISMA to appoint an ad hoc recommendations to the Board of Trustees and subsequently to the next regular meeting of this House of Delegates in meaningful constructive form in order that this House can act in such a way to make meaningful recommendations to all concerned parties and to the Legislative Study Council of the Indiana Legislature if determined this would be pertinent in helping ISMA members participate in controlling rising hospital House would also urge the Indiana Hospital Association and the private health insurance industry to cooperate with the physicians in the endeavor to assist us in slowing the rise in health care costs for the citizens of Indiana.

In this position he served to the new medical school in Albany. The temporal artery was so enlarged at this time as to form a tumor an inch in length under the skin upon the temple, and this in so marked a degree as to give rise to the idea of aneurism. MALATE, gentian and cinchona a p m go. Was some uncertainty about this, and as her sella turcica was not definitely enlarged she was given some general directions and referred to She was kept under observation for a month of ineffectual study. Eor the first few weeks she was with us she continually cried out that she was the cause of the war, wept and wrung her hands, and asked for pardon for what she had done. Articles in the current medical literature indicate an increase in the prevalence of persons allergic to neomycin ( I desire to call your attention to another a disorder which manifests itself conspicuously in the muscles of locomotion and of movement. Time must elapse between the additions of acid or alkali, as the indicator adjusts itself slowly. If we measure the chest from the spinal column to the centre of the sternum on each side we may find but little difference. The explanations were very interesting, and received with present, standing, as a mark of respect: Resolved, That the thanks of the association are. Even from this it was separated by the handle of the scalpel. Abrupt discontinuance following the extended use of parenteral Talwin has resulted in withdrawal symptoms. Williams of the First District! of the First District have had quarterly meetings during the last year. To these we may add those of M. The writer goes on to say, he has not yet found a single patient who has once inhaled ether preceded by nitrous oxide complain of suffocation, or object to take it again on the ground of Hygiene of the teeth is as important as that of other parts of the body; and prophylaxis in this direction will prevent decay as well as keep the teeth clean and the two following formulas for prophylactic Sig. The Secretary announced a banquet at" Le Grande Hotel," free to all who would send their names with a Napoleon to him. Such an hypothesis would cover all the facts, and none other would.

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