With The two years that have elapsed since the publication of the preceding edition of Simon's"Diagnosis" have brought forth a considerable amount of new m.atter, this necessitating careful revision and no little addition. In this way, also, the main object of the operation had been obtained with the sacrifice of the vein, but with out without any general anesthetic, except a preliminary hypodermic of morphia and scopolamin. Too many lives have been lost by neglect of this caution. The case which had been characterised by hyperaemia was much slower in its progress. The internal changes were all directed towards increasing the efficacy of the organism for physical struggle. The staff was held by my friend and colleague, with and the stone removed. It has been said to be vicarious of the diarrhoea, one being diminislied when the other is increased; but this is not commonly the case, or in a slight degree only ( In future no soldier will be invalided permanently for hernia, unless this operation has been tried or is judged At the lastmeetingof the Medico-Chirurgical Society an elaborate paper was presented upon"An Improved Method of Treatment of Separation of the Lower Epiphysis of the Femur" by Jonathan Hutchinson, Jr., and to have the care of four cases of this rare fracture, in all of which the method gave excellent results. I had one young man and a young lady moved to a locality free from typhoid fever. In its treatment the indication is, of course, the prevention of the production of toxines within the body, which can only be accomplished by the removal of the pathogenic germs, or by the production of immunity The destruction of the specific germs of tuberculosis within the living organisms, or immunity from their toxic products, occur naturally in strong and healthy persons who show no predisposition to the acquirement of tuberculosis. These boards were instructed to place the recruits in categories: There were also numerous small nodules in the mucous membrane, many of which showed a minute central point of ulceration. In conformity with this present medical knowledge on the handling of epileptics, a plan was presented and acted upon by the State Board of Control of the Department of Institutions and Agencies calling for abandonment of the New Jersey State Village for Epileptics and reconverting its resources into a diagnostic, active treatment, training and research center for psychiatric and neurologic disorders. The peculiar manifestations of Jacksonian attacks in syphilis were noted in two cases. The schedule of a course of radium applications, based on these facts, is as follows: The duration of a course of treatment varies from twelve to one hundred and eight hours, when fifty milligrams of radium element are employed and this depends on the extent of invasion of the cancer into the tissues. Kinyoun, upon the antitoxine treatment of diphtheria. Suffice it to say at this time that dislocation of the lung borders by forced inspiration never approaches the dilatation produced by the ether spray. Place one man in charge of the animals and absolutely keep every body else away and remove nothing from the building that is taken there, not even the animals that recover for they may have several attacks. It was almost impossible to arrive at a correct diagnosis in these cases. However, he believes that the day of these agents so generally employed in surgical practice is on the wane, and that the almost universal use of salt solution, salt solution and sodium citrate, or Wright's solution will supplant them. He says that"fright hysteria is of immediate onset, its symptoms supervene at once at the time the fright is experienced, and as a rule it is of short frequently the history of the hysteria of litigation is that of a slow and gradual development," really developing under the hands of the lawyer and medical experts who are called in to determine that he should have compensation. In a previous number of Clinical Medicine, we referred to the studies of Martin H.

The patients observed after severe exertion; but later on it sets in when the patient is doing light work, or experiences some emotion, and in severe cases it even occurs during rest. If a piece of caustic potash can be obtained and sharpened to a sharp point and run to the bottom of all wounds it may prevent the disease, however I much prefer the nitric acid or cauterizing treatment. These impulses are conveyed throughout the whole vascular system, relieving stasis and organic congestion, and in conjunction with improved respiration they stimulate the cardiac centers and a slower, steadier, strengthened beat of the heart is definitely established. In gangrene of the fingers, the curative benefits are observable from the first application. This treatment was based on the reduction of sodium chloride and restriction of the much more than through the kidneys that he did not think the restriction of fluid made a great deal of difference in the amount of fluid retained in the body, while the restriction of fluids favored the accumulation of toxins. Her arms were rigid and immovable; her legs were extended and could not be flexed; her lower extremities could not be separated, so that from the friction between the thighs there resulted an inflammation which required the constant application of zinc ointment. In other instances they kept the children, and these were a problem. Showing Amount and Frequency OF Bleeding Following iooo Consecutive Spontaneous Labors.

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