May sometimes be used in the mouth, connected with the Throat Director, instead of on the back, while the neg. Go ahead and use enterostomy on desperate cases of obstruction from any cause. Made the dissectiou in such a way as to show the principal points of The patient from whom the specimen was taken was a prisoner in the Toronto jail, and died there. While they were thus quarrelling the gardener approached unobserved, and, upon discovering the dispute, turned to the host and said:"Professor, just before you came here with the gentlemen, I turned the globe around. No reference is made to disease of the prostate, for which omission the author apologizes on account of space. Only Library Cars, on Day Trains to Chicago. Fluid extract of digitalis, one minim every four hours. Who fails to remember certain times in his life when he has had an almost overpowering desire to cry out in church, or to laugh on some sad or solemn occasion; or, having a razor in his hand, has had an impulse, sudden and intense, to draw it across his throat; or, being on some high place, has been seized with the desire to hurl himself downward? This shows how near indeed the healthy mind ever hovers on the borderlands of insanity. Under such circumstances the action of the heart ceases so suddenly that effusions, swellings, and discolorations may not occur, just as we have known death to be caused instantly among pugilists by a" foul blow" upon the pit of the stomach, even though not delivered with great force; and when no mark, either external or internal, has indicated the nature of the The following case will be easily recognised as an example of death from this cause: the banks of the James River, at Harrison's Landing, the batteries of the enemy on the opposite side of the river suddenly opened a terrific fire upon our crowded encampment, and upon the large fleet of vessels lying at this point. Hemoglobin cannot be manufactured without iron; the rapidity of the formation of hemoglobin would, therefore, be limited by the iron-supply, but not so with the corpuscles; they are manufactured so rapidly under physiologic laws to meet the deficiency, that there is not sufficient hemoglobin to give to each corpuscle the proper percentage of gradually disappears, the corpuscles being manufactured so slowly after a time that each corpuscle gets the requisite proportion of hemoglobin. Ideas may be obtained in the relations of this" physical equivalent" to weight, height, and age, as it affects each particular race in this country. If this method cannot be used,"lateral anastomosis," with the long incision, will be necessary. Ohio, utilized the high temperature of her phthisical husband for eight weeks before his death, by using him as an incubator for hen's eggs.

For about five weeks from that time he was complaining, having to lie down for an hour or two most every day; had slight fever, which he thought was malarial.

Scraped meat may also be given raw, spread between thin layers of bread. New callers usually reach the TIRS through referrals by organizations or by persons familiar with it. The needle is not drawn entirely through the wall of the intestine, but only until the point projects from the caliber of the bowel a little beyond its free edge. It may be the only auscultatory evidence remaining to indicate' the character of the valve lesion.

Fortunately, the chances are always against the latter, as his victim, facing the horror of strangulation, is instantly and almost instinctively roused to desperate resistance.

Unfortunately, however, the court records show that there have been a few, happily a very few, men licensed as physicians who, abusing the privileges bestowed by this license, have purchased and sold cocaine for illegitimate purposes.

Henry Greenway, of Plymouth,' who constructed an irrigating tube, with the view of irrigating a large surface of the vaginal mucous membrane. "When relieved give easily digested food frequently in small quantity, until the stomach has regained its tone.

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