- the only other functional abnormality discovered was that, during her headaches, the the urine stated that spermatozoa were undoubtedly present. She had been sent over from India with a diagnosis of fibroids of tlie uterus, complicated by pregnancy. In spite of her being an intelligent girl, she seems peculiarly insensitive to pain. West begins his first lecture with a short sketch of the founders of the Lumleian Lectures, which appear to have had their origin as far Richard Caldwell, Doctor of Medicine, and John, Lord Lumley," who executed a joint deed laying a perpetual rent charge on their lands for the foundation of these lectures." Caldwell lived but a very short time after the performance of his munificent act, but Lumley survived many years, and, no doubt, came to fully appreciate the good he had done. On opening his mouth and looking across the floor of lint, the whole epiglottis, from its broad, rounded, upper extremity, to its narrow thryoidean attachment, could bo seen with ease. The consequence was, the slight relapse which you have witnessed. This was amply illustrated by what he had himself observed.

These spots are deeply seated, resemble subcuticular mottlings, and often simulate the rash of measles; as the disease advances, they frequently coalesce. If viable infants could be born with such advanced tuberculous disease of the uterus, it was highly probable that a large number of minor cases which escaped diagnosis also survived.

A chill usually followed in about onehalf to one hour, followed by fever which persisted for from four to twelve hours, causing headache and malaise.

Lawyer Dobbins was wheeled into the emergency room on a stretcher, rolling his head in agony.

Gai.lesky states that he has found recently expressed linseed oil, in the dose of a large spoonful, with a few planet drops of the oil of aniseed, given every hour or two hours, extremely beneficial.

He had been impressed with the frequency of empyema in these cases. The medical personnel of an infantry division on war footing, exclusive of officers, is as follows: For the service of the first line' that is for immediate use with the regiment and dressing station,' mechanics, drivers, orderlies, trumpeters etc.

This arises from the exhaustion induced by the journey hither, of which you may always see traces, however short it may be.

Indeed, if such were the case, it would be improbable that they would be related also to the genital functions, and the discussion of that evening would find its subject melting into thin air ( Another aspect of this subject may be presented in the history of the case the specimen of bladder and kidne_v form which are now before you.

This resort was fitted out with the usual entertaining features, such as toboggan slfde, carousal etc. The experiment was in every way successful, proving that the land disposal of sewage is as feasible in America as in The normal chlorine map of Massachusetts, is another contribution of this board.

In some cases a dull pain in the epigastrium, with a tympanitic fulness, is felt (Strack); and in lean persons, a distinct tumour below, the anterior, margin of the right ribs may occasionally be detected, particularly when signs of obstructed excretion of bile have the gall-bladder. The body of the prostate was hardly, if at all, enlarged, and the middle lobe, which presented a slight teatlike prominence, seemed too small to really offer a serious obstruction.

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