I am satisfied, after a knowledge of all die facta therewidi connected, uat the ftmit lay not in delitctive education, but in the assamptioii that after graduation their studies were finished.

He excised the left half of the lower portion of the sacrum as high as the third sacral foramen. INQUIRIES BY THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONERS. It enters its kingdom always via Golgotha, a jeering mob even its best disciples following afar off, and is lifted to its crown on a cross between reviling thieves." Virchow has must give way to the brute force of the figures; and I consider it the duty of every physician to use a remedy giving such clinical results." The Doctor says: u A physician has no right to jeopardize the comfort, health or life of his patient by administration of a dangerous remedy before he makes a positive diagnosis." I agree with him most heartily about this, but it rests with the Doctor to prove that antitoxin is a dangerous remedy. The Clinical Record, for Physician's bedside use, together with samples of Instant Postum, Grape-Nuts and New Post Toasties for personal and clinical examination, will be sent on request to any Physician who has not yet received them. If the head be diseased, the infant will keep his eyes closed, and he will not he able to support the head. She soon recovereafrom the salivation, and was entirely relieved from all trouble, trouble, except that a weakened action might have contributed to the dropsy.

Eichberc made a brief report' of a case in which something more than a year ago he had at the request of Dr. To have some index of the degree of this imbalance through the sedimentation test is of value. The secretary of each county society shall send a list of such delegates and alternates to the secretary of this Society at least thirty days before the annual session. Give internally the arseniates better give his purpuric case the arsenite of copper, hamamelis and the lacto phosphate of lime, with hydrastis as a hemostatic during the attacks. D., Pi'ofessor of Epidemiology, Yale University Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, University of California. The phlegm and the wind which affect the blood, especially in the skin, vessels, and flesh, produce pain, and fever, cough, and dysentery. The penis, or what represented it, presented a most curious appearance. The lymph rbannels can also furnisb the way for the extension of an infection from the orbit to tbe skull cavity, after enucleation of the ball, when the orbital wound is infected by purulent eye contents: The treatment of jaundice should be commenced by exhibiting several doses of mild purgatives, and emetics.

Mercury is the supreme destroyer of syphilitic poison.

Every surgeon should be more or less of a bacteriologist. Of physicians to attend one another and the dependent members of the families of one another, should command the gratuitous services of a physician.

Infected; and suppni-atiou of the aneurysm has been an Active troatuicut has consisted in the main of linatiue of the vessels. The Association feels highly honored in the opportunity to cooperate with hospital staff members in the successful efforts they are making to provide an efficient service for their patients. The next step is to facilitate the ehmination of the toxic products, and this object will be attained by stimulating the secretion, as by jaboTandi having been found peculiarly useful for this very reason. If you charge a series of glasses like this with boiled milk, and take off their caps, exposing them to the air for half-an-hour at different times in the day, or exposing them in different rooms, say for half-an-hour, so far as my e.xperience goes, you will be certain to have fermentative changes result, you will be certain to have organisms producedi; but, so far as my experience goes, you will be certain not to have the lactic fermentation take place, you will be certain not to have the coagulation and the souring, and you will not find the peculiar organism to which I have given the name Bacterium Lactis, which I have represented here as it occurs in curdled milk, and which, as I left one of those microscopes, was to be seen in This bacterium is a motionless bacterium, occurring most commonly in pairs, frequently in threes, fours, or even more. You know a social session in a basement or barn does a lot of good.

The fracture is reduced and an attempt made to so place the fragments that alignment and full length will be maintained. When this is not known, the husband Medical Journals Should Not be Lent to Lay valuable journal be guarded from the lay public is timely and good. Sometimes I add eucalyptol to it and it makes an excellent cough balsam for a chronic or subacute cough. There was neither cough, heartburn, nor jaundice, and, on physical examination, the stomach appeared enlarged, and a distinct thickening was felt in the neighbourhood of the pylorus. The following appears to bo a somewhat more simple and convenient A number three catheter is threaded with a piece of strong ligature silk. Vice Chancellor Hall had before him last week the case of Attree v. In religion it is said that the heresy of one generation is the orthodoxy of the next.

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