Adcnie) chronic enlargement of lymphatic glands, adenitis, phlegmasia glandulosa, or inflammation of the lymphatic glands; aden-algia, or aden-odynia, pain of adeno-graphy, a description of the glands; adcno-logy, a treatise of the glands; aden-oid, gland-like, a term applied to flesh-like tumor of the brain, and to chronic mammary tumour; adenoid tissue, a tissue which resembles that found in lymphatic glands; and adeno-tomy tumor resembling in structure that membrane).

The outer wall of the mastoid is often very thick, which may account for the absence of pain on pressure. Singapore - but does the employer pay it? Primarily, he does, but a large part of it comes back on the working people, and often the workingmen have to carry it. Pain and swelling followed, both at the seat of injury and of the scrotum; the uk latter never disappeared, and. That epidemics of pest are very often preceded by an enormous death rate among rats and mice laymen seem plague foci, when rats come out of their hiding places and die in large numbers, a panic is created and the people leave their homes forthwith. Upon inspection, it is seen to reach to the sternum, and seems to occupy a large portion of the abdominal cavity; but when the hands are placed upon its sternal edge, it can be compressed to the level of the umbilicus ( Kecovery was rapid, appetite returned, and patient was given six weeks in which to go home and recuperate.

Duties of Officers Serving in the Medical Bache, Dallas, Major and Surgeon; assigned to duty Barnett, Richards, Captain and Assistant indonesia Surgeon;. (Brown and Pearcc: Experimental syphilis in the rabbit. There is time to do all that is yet undone, but if the work is not done and well done, then the fault is with the men who brought the Association here, and the men who for a year have had the matter in charge. - van Jleter, is neither morally nor educationally fit to Supposing now, as I have a right to suppose, his peers judge Dr.

Humanity naturally prohibits the application of compulsory measures, being reminiscent of the cruel mode of action practised during the middle ages The chief thing to do is to erect leper asylums and leper colonies of sufficient size and number in the countries where leprosy is endemic.

"The facts here brought out seem to us of importance considered with reference to the sources of supply of our drinking waters; the relative location of wells, cess-pools, etc., in our towns; and also with references to the methods of removal of excreta, especially during the prevalence of an infectious disease, the malaysia infectious materials of which may be communicated through water. With reference to the first proposition, it may be said that traction with Tarnier's forceps is not made in a curved line, accurately coincident with the principal pelvic axis, when the head is at the inlet.

The feet and hands thus denuded, assume a livid, occasionally copper colour, but present nothing else which is characteristic. - the newspapers are accomplices in this nefarious work. The vermifuges fail more frequently in recent than in the older cases of illness, the worms being then smaller, and therefore more easily able to conceal themselves between the folds of the mucous membrane, where they escape the effects of the drug. The best of these was codeine, and next came dionin or morphine. Belfield, as well as other surgeons, had failed in attempts to pass bougies into the bladder; yet, as the patients were still enabled to force a feeble, dribbling stream outward, these strictures were theoretically permeable, though practically impermeable. Cocaine causes contraction of bloodvessels in the urethra as well as in the nose; but it can not, so far as he is aware, remove cicatricial tissue in either locality. Almost all of my typhoid fever patients recover, though I have no hospital practice.

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