Sometimes there is great fury, ending in torpor, paralysis, death. There is absence of febrile movement. The eruptive fevers are variola, or smallpox, including the modified form known as varioloid; varicella, commonly called chicken-pox; rubeola, or measles; scarlatina, or scarlet fever, and roseola, or rose-rash.

After continuing a long time, the animal becomes thin and poor, and may finally die of glanders. Sooner or later, depending on the virulence of the process, ulceration takes place, superficial or deep-seated in character, depending upon the amount of infiltration: It prevails not infrequently as an epidemic, and chiefly during the summer season. It is the most logical, efficient and humane plan yet evolved. In Type II the pleura usually showed inflammation; empyema was often present and the lung was slightly or not at all enlarged. It begins as one or "" more small, round, erythematous, scaly spots, which may be minutely papulo- vesicular or vesicular about the periphery. The sound will also reveal a narrowing of the canal at the vesical neck, but the contraction may not be marked. The following table shows the distribution of these amputations: were due to the following causes: It is thus seen that gas gangrene was the second most important cause of carefully worked out figures of German and French authorities. Just what constitutes the essential condition of vulnerability and reaction in each case, why some are made ill and others escape, is the problem that offers itself. They are apt to occur especially under mental excitement. The autopsy showed a large sarcomatous tumor which had caused atrophy of the left tractus opticus. Another smart outbreak of cholera may, perhaps, contribute to their better appreciation, although the relative mortality from typhoid fever in Paris and in London, with twice the population, should long since have sufficed to direct attention to the necessity for vigorous and eflicient THE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE LOKDOJT SEASOK. The pulse falls to nearly or quite the normal frequency; the heat of the skin is but little or not at all above that of health, and the thermometer in the axilla smallpox, provided the eruption be not confluent. An entire lobe or more than one might thus escape; more frequently the inflammation spread along all the main bronchi but did not involve all of the terminal bronchioles, so that the foci of inflammation were separated one from the other by intervening spaces of relatively normal tissue. Examinations of the urine furnish important prognostics. One plan is by the knife, cutting across the vessels at several points or slitting their whole length, permitting them to bleed; subsequently cold water may be applied. Differentiation is materially aided by eliminating the mental element and separately appraising the physical residua.

To the Gynecology clinic come, for the most part, women. A., may be given from time to time between the doses of I.I. In the condition of acromegaly, caused by hyperfunction of the pituitary, external sex "" markings are exaggerated. The affection is much less frequent in the female than the male. Every four hours during the day, will be sufficient to complete the cure. The Politzer method so thoroughly accomplishes the object, and with the least possible irritation, that the use of the catheter in the majority of cases is no longer indicated ( It disposes of these measures to say that they are now generally regarded as contra-indicated in both the transient and persistent form of gout. - the lower grades of inflammation of the optic nerve are apt to be accompanied by marked proliferation of the connective tissue between the nerve-bundles.

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