He was ordered a chloride of calcium mixture.

They have been met mostly in very young subjects, in persons of strumous habit, or in subjects debilitated by a previous attack of syphilis. In the left infra-scapular region there is much mucous rhonchus, the bubbles being in From the above date the patient gradually got weaker, but no symptoms of importance occurred except that he had sometimes attacks of giddiness, from which he had been previously left hand and arm began to swell, and pitting very readily on pressure, but not giving him any pain, or causing him to complain further than of the increased weight of that arm: a distinct hardness could be felt in the course of the vessels along the inner side of the humerus: this swelling continued up to the period of his death, while all other parts were free from oedema. - i have heart disease." He handed me a big check the next afternoon, and I had one ambulance. Thus disease of the skin, or suppression of its function, or disorder of the urinary functions, often produces a first of vicariously-increased action of the one emunctory, as the action of tiie other is impaired or obstructed, and both of the blood, and of vital organs The most serious and rapid derangements are produced in the circulating fluids, and consecutively in other parts of the economy, by impeded or obstructed function of the kidneys. Southeastern: Typhoid fever, influenza, bronchitis. The fourth niglit she had a severe chill, followed by high fever and great pain over the abdomen. The former class includes the uric acid and oxalate of lime stones, while the soft concretions, composed mainly of phosphates, belong The formation of calculi in acid urine is dependent upon some disturbance of the general system which leads to the too great excretion of solids, which are deposited out of the urine before it is voided. Tlio office of Registrar of Deaths and Burials has been abolished and the duties heretofore performed by that officer are now performed by the City Board of Health. Bright, and could only say, that he had taken facts referred were complete in themselves, but he by no means meant to assert, that these comprehend all the cases which had occurred. Because of the burning sensation in the abdomen, he has been obliged to since ( It appears in two forms, eccentric hypertrophy, or hypertrophy with dilatation, and concentric, or hypertrophy with contraction.

The bread is made simply of meal and water, without salt or leavening material, and is baked as a rule in the ashes of the open grate. The teachers on the last occasion were much encouraged by the zeal with whicli the demonstrations were followed, and were thus repaid for the great amount of trouble taken, and we were assured at that time by some of those who joined the school that they had derived the greatest benefit from their attendance, and had been intensely interested in the work brought before COLLECTIVE INVESTIGATION OF CANCER ( Not a few ladies devoted to good works, but possessing no technical training, have come out to South Africa on purpose to' help in any capacity' in the military hospitals, but the erplicit instructions we have received from the Committee in London for whom we act, no less than the fact that there is not a room which they could hire for their accommodation withir twenty- nine miles of us, has saved us from the nnpleasant duty which might otherwise have devolved upon us of telling these willing but unwanted souls that after considerable experience of the value of their kindlymeant offers, and after the fullest consideration, we would very much rather have their room than their company." The Yeomanry Hospital and its skilled stafi, male and female, has been more fortunate in this respect than some of the military hospitals.

Fourth annual report of the Yarrow Home for Convalescent Children of the Better Classes at Broadstairs. He relied on vaccination and isolation.

I shall not, however, say more on this subject now, for I explained to you some time since, that, in the great majority of instances, such attacks of convulsions depend on a state of temporary congestion of the brain, produced in some indirect way. Charriere; in the latter particularly, as the mouth-piece allows free inhalation and exhalation by the nostrils. Joseph Pancoast of Philadelphia was the first to do a successful operation for extrophy of the bladder, still considered a very difficult condition to treat.

There is neither economy nor refreshment, aud but little pleasure, in such summer recreation. Of the value of the invention as a disinfectant, the experiments of yesterday do not enable us to judge, since it by no means follows that a process is necessarily disinfecting which succeeds in neutralizing the fetid exhalations from decomposed animal and vegetable matter.

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