There was another curious and interesting fact in connexion with the effect which morbid growths in the larynx exercised on the vocal close proximity with the vocal cords, the aphonia or hoarse-; ness which is present is sometimes only indirectly caused by i dependent on physical causes, is not due to direct mechanical influences. THE CIVIL PROFESSION AND THE MEDICAL SERVICES. When well developed they slightlv elevate the mucous membrane of the under surface of the tongue, anterior and external to the froenum Unguse. He suggests that medical men's cars should be allowed at least as much privilege as commercial cars, which are permitted to stop be affixed to a car in a conspicuous position, which would indicate that the owner was a medical man and the car allowed to remain by the kerb as long as he liked, provided that it did not actually obstruct the traffic, aud was not infringing the Highways Act." Medico-Legal Necropsies. In these cases I found the vesicles full of pus. The face is large, looks bloated, the eyelids are puffy and swollen; the alse nasi are thick, the nose looks depressed and flat.

Livcingbriefly replied, the proceedings' terminated The Pictures at Barber-Surgeons' Hall Many of our readers may be unaware that there exist some valuable portraits and other pictiues at Barber-Sui-geons' Hall, Monkwell-street, London-wall. - juc origin of the liver was then discussed, and that organ waa considered to originate in the hyboblast which clothed the liinder surface of the. One obvious defect in tlie actual tabulation is the omission of rates of natural total annual births; were space a primary consideration the ratio of standardized rates of mortality on males and females could have been spared. But Salili throws a doubt upon the certainty of the salol test by his assertion that fission-fungi can.

Weuyon, as will be seen, stated during the discussion on the papers by Low and Chosterman that from experiments on mice he had concluded that the intravenous trypanolytic.substance, both in the blood and in the cerebrospinal fluid, and that tliis substance persisted in the circulation and was present a week after the injection. In one of careers these the cocci were luemolytic; the case was a very severe one. Our own Wordsworth had much the same Most people suffer from ini?omuia psychic in origin, at some time of life, and, as every man can best fit on his own hat, so most people have a way of their own for dodging unpleasant ideas, and what helps one person may not help another.

After a few hours' sleep, the patient is aroused with a distressing sense of want of breath and a feeling of great oppression in the chest. Melbourne - at times the whole nucleus seems to be stained red, owing to the large size of this nucleolar body.

As a culture medium in the first cases bouillon was used, five or six tubes fl of this medium being employed in each case. He certainly looked upon rheumatism as the result of possibly sarcolactic acid, acting, not directly on the tissues, but through and by reason of its affinity for, the nerve tissue. To Brehmer, of Gobersdorf, we owe the successful execution of this plan, which has been followed in Germany with most gratifying results. If sugar be present, the precipitate will be rose-coloured; if not, white. In such cases, the object of the Physician must, therefore, be rather to check than to encourage the continuance of the expectoration. In pleurisy, there is eS'usion of lymph, serosity, and pus.

Squeers was screwing but a miserable living out of his boys; but if the Misses Green can get any profit been rapidly making a fortune. Urethra for manv vears, which from time to tune had been dilated with iiistrnmenfs." When this man tame under my care, ai.rt from difiicultv in micturition, he complained of pain in tlie lelt loin A skiagram reveale.l the presence ot a shadow in this region, but as I wjs not convinced that it was in the left renal area I decided to perform pvelography. The attack passes off abruptly, the child falls asleep and awakes the next morning feeling perfectly well. AmmonisB' HI XX was given; "email" the patient grew worse, and was seized with. On the other hand, there are cases in which complaint is made of the most distressing palpitation and sensations of throbbing, in which the physical examination reveals a regularly acting heart, the sensations being entirely subjective.

Kept under the watchful care of the surgeon for at least linkedin forty-eight hours.

A layer of coffins is placed on the bottom, and sprinkled over with a littlo earth, then another layer of cntlins, and so on, covered over w-ith stiff clay. At the commencement of the arch it is diastolic.

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