The submission of timely information and "" feasible recommendations to the proper authority upon all matters within the scope of medical service. The object of their research was to find if possible some general plan on which the cariiui iracliem is formed. Hunter next briefly alludes to the different situation's and climates in the globe, to which animals are more or less confined; and this subject, or the geographical distribution of animals, considered in relation to fossil remains, elucidates, amongst other interesting questions, the changes of temperature to which different parts of the earth have been subject at different epochs. As the disease progresses there is a gradually-developed paresis, with atrophy of the muscles supplied by these nerves, together with a corresponding distribution of ancesthesia. Counter-irritation to the head by the actual cautery, mustard plasters, menthol, etc., is frequently helpful, as is also a hot footbath. - it is pleasant also to observe that in this new era Americans are doing their full share in the development of science. I saw a case very lately where the four incisors of the upper jaw had lost their enamel entirely on their anterior surfaces, and there was scarcely a tooth in the mouth which had not the appearance of having had a file applied across it close to the gum. There are four grinders, the two middle the largest, and rather quadrangular, each of which has a high point or cone on the outer edge, with a smaller, and three more diminutive on the inner It is impossible to say critically what the various forms of these teeth are adapted for, from the general principles of teeth. Thomas Barr (Arch, of defied local antiseptic treatment for months, and the ossicles or the petrous bone in their vicinity being carious, the only indication is to remove the ossicles and thus favor drainasre from the drum cavity and better local treatment of its purulent walls by means of antiseptics. Volume and weight, at times very greatly; its surface is smooth and its consistence increased; thickening of the capsule is of frequent occurrence.

There is no disease to appearance in the body of the tooth. In the treatment we follow the first law, make the part comfortable if slight, and after careful examination, and you are sure that no other injury exists, cleanse and apply a dressing of mercury In the case of the hand with marked hematoma use pressure, rest, splint and heat or cold with elevation. Massage should be this be followed by an hour of rest.

But the more recent experiences and opinions of Dr. The malignant lymphatic tumors have been variously designated as lymphosarcoma, malignant lymphoma, round-celled sarcoma, flbro-sarcoma, alveolar sarcoma. It remained for Virchow, several years later, to refer these changes, included under the term"infarction," to disturbances of circulation induced by embolism or thrombosis. If we take; for illustration, the age period twenty-five to thirty-four, we find that the death rate of clergymen from consumption was twenty-three for artists and forty for musicians (

With cerebral lesion, if irritating the eyes look away from the lesion, and if destructive they look towards it ( Robert Scott Lamb, of Washington, D.

He says that it is easy to recognize smooth muscle in the walls of the alveolar passages; alveolares (air-sacs); the remaining spaces are sections of saccull and alveoli; F, F, pulmonary veins.

After the occurrence of brain lesions this drug is useful to maintain the nutrition of the paralyzed member. The public is soon educated to the fact that the drops are required by law. Some other affections, however, seem to become ameliorated upon the supervention of measles. - he describes the bronchi as dividing into branches which in turn divide quite rapidly, becoming at the same time much smaller. The first change made upon milk and some other secretions, as the yolk and white of an egg, is coagulation; after which the gastric juice begins to acquire a power of uniting with them.

In four instances there was no trace of reaction in the membrane, there were no cellular elements, and iodide did not pass into the liquid after the injection of cocaine. This conclusion has been arrived at after comparing the history and Chart II shows the diagnostic results on the same series of every reason to believe that all the causes of the asthma have been discovered.

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