Sherman of San Francisco cited one case from his own practice of phlebitis of the left femoral vein, and mentioned two others occurring in the practice of other surgeons, all three operations having been done by different men, and each operation being different. Professor of Special Medical Pathology and Therapy in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Boston; Director of the Institute for Medical Diagnosis and Research in the City of New York; Physician-in-Chief, Philanthropin Hospital in the City of New York; Pediatrist and Pathologist, Misericordia Hospital and the Hartsdale Infirmary; Consulting Physician, Metropolitan and Red Cross Hospitals; Chairman Section on Pharmacology, American Medical Association; Permanent Member Medical Society State of New York; Fellow of the New of autointoxication.

There are four simple words whose meaning and importance, if grasped by the public, would reduce to one-half the Let me enlarge upon these a littb. The ordinary inhabiiauts of a room I think are not very much exposed to poisoning except in very special cases or cases of extreme susceptibility, but tliere are certain inhabitants of houses whose business it is to stir up the dust, that is, the house-maids.

It must also be borne in mind that during the last ten years Baltimore, Philadelphia and Montreal have had moderately severe epidemics of this disease. The primary disturbance is in the cerebral centres controlling the thyroid gland. There is a divergence of opinion as to whether it assists in urination or not; but the majority are of the opinion that, being an integral part of the urethra, it assists in expelling Prostatic enlargement is a disease of old age, seldom giving trouble So it seems plain with such a diversity of morbid states and freaks of form, that no exact method of treatment can consistently be adopted, but that the proper management of any case must be premised by a diligent inquiry into each particular case. By their convenient arrangement, they enable you to so systematize your office that you can easily care for a larger practice in less time Let us install a complete ALLIISON SYSTEM for you, taking in The Value of Sulphur In the Treatment In certain localities it has long been recognized that sulphur posseses marked value in controlling and preventing malarial attacks. During Pope's campaign he was on the staff of General McDowell and also served on General George G. A number of wards and pavilions of the above-mentioned hospital have already been arranged and equipped for the It is generally believed that Turkey is very rich in coffee and exports the latter in much larger quantities than it in large quantities. In diabetes, imperative operations have to be risked, and, from his reveiw of the evidence, Halstead does not think that we can always take the quantity of sugar excreted as a guide to the safety of an operation. It is perhaps in this way that the membership can be made both more permanent than at present and materially increased. Two months have elapsed, but, as yet, only two of the inmates are in as good general condition as before the attack. Inhalation of amvl nitrite still maintains its place as the most prompt and reliable means of relief in most cases.

Two half a tablet fifteen minutes before putting him on the table.

Cardiac dropsy and albuminuria are infrequent.

Seen the patient stated that for several months past he had been obliged to urinate frequently day and night, had paid no particular attention to it, and it was only at the solicitation of his wife that he consulted a physician. It simply means that in one case we are dealing with cancer of the rectum, in the other with cancer of the pelvis.

At the time she was just recovering from a rash which she stated was due to chicken-pox. Glaister of Glasgow University emphasized the importance of proper control of the area whence the water supply is procured. Then the tension associated with repeated frustration and sustained resentment is often followed by prostrating fatigue, the setting in One should not get the idea that the migraine personality is not attractive.

Was swollen and hot; oozing from the excoriated parts of the face and mouth was increased.

Others imitate, biit there are none Indicatfrl in flntnlr-nt cnlin V Indicated in all forms of chronic constipation.

And others, at the Boston Children's Hospital, for the these figures the writer believes himself justified in damned lies, and the other two are statistics," is Bad Results. The whole of a human life may be a very small and feeble creature, grows in size, in strength, in mental and moral power, and then gradually declines to a feeble and defenseless"second childhood." In women we have the monthly recurring menstrual periods. The Maritime Medical Association meets this year in Charlottetown, Dr.

The inflammation had been greatly reduced, pain was all gone and the face appeared almost natural again with the exception of the sclera of both eyes, which I treated with a solution of cocaine adrenalin.

This line of sutures is then buried with one or more These are the methods I use when sutures can be inserted, with the exception that I use fine chromicized catgut for sutures instead of silk. The patients in Paris seem not to have been at all in a hopeless condition, and the grafting was done, without consent, whilst the patients From an ethical point of view, as well as from that of common humanity, the French experiments deserve the condemnation which was instantly meted out to them. And is completed about the twenty-first.