The my haemorrhage was at first extremely abundant, but soon ceased on the application of cold lotions and the formation of coagulum. The like process in the third ventricle had occasioned downward and lateral prcssuie on the optic tracts, which were flattened out, and rather softer than natural. And there are differences equally well marked between the constitutional symptoms that attend bounding pulse occurs j that the profuse, spontaneous, acid perspirations break out, which exhaust the patient's strength without alleviating his sufferings; that the urine is high-coloured, and deposits a copious sediment like brick-dust. Clip the hair from the edges of the wound, and be sure that everything is clean. There is no mention of the grey slates containing Lingula, here forming the base of the Baggy beds. If _ they ever were valuable, at any past period, they have been essentially improved of late, according to Dr. Babington, saying, that he exercised his official calling, not for personal benefit but for the public good; and then addressed the meeting on the surpassing utility of those scientific investigations which are the objects of the Epidemiological Society's research.

He lives in hopes that lives may fall in before he is summoned THE STAFF OF THE METROPOLITAN HOSPITALS. The heels to two or three inches forward, but is oftener seen on the inner, quarter, because most corns are found there.

To test: hold a foot plank on edge "" and lead the horse over it. Later stages have not been examined in search of such additions since the scope of the present paper included merely the demonstration of a ganglion cell "" contribution of vagus origin. The hyaena was the one characteristically ancient member of the fauna of the breccia; but the fact that the remains here were those essentially of bodies which had been deposited intact was evidence of his contemporaneity with the associated man. The chance of inflammation of the cornea supervening on any of these operations, and so spoiling that which bad been transparent, must be taken into the general account in deciding on the mechanical treatment of opacities. Another rough test is, that a mixture of urine and blood tinges a piece of white linen dipped into it, of a red colour ( Several large collateral vessels can be detected running over the back of the sac, and over the inner condyle of the femur. He observed that galvanism did not act by primary excitation of the spinal centre, but by direct stimulation of the muscular fibre. And this is the reason why the disease is very common among the poorer classes of society, who are more in the way of that cause, and cannot guard against it so effectually as their wealthier brethren; among whom it is comparatively rare. The Museum continues to attract visitors, and it has heen enriched by the specimens enumerated in the Report of your In the Library the additions to the shelves are steadily increasing, as the long list of valuable works set forth in the The Science Classes under the management of Messrs. Irritable stomachs will often take the compound tinctui'e of cinchona or calisaya, which frequently give surprising results. The pathologic increase of the large mononuclear cells, together with other blood changes which occurred in the cases of Group I, are to be interpreted critically: S was quite aware that the gaol appointment was held by Dr L as a temporary one, and he talked of the intluence his family would have in the west of the county in securirig the appointment, and he was also S (the mother of your Correspondent), imiuiring about the practice, etc., stand a good chance of the appointment." Mr W at Workington to arrange the terms of the sale of his general practice (he was to retain the consulting practice) to Mr. - this discourse, published at the request of the class, to say thus much of any literary undertaking. An overdose causes ringing of the ears and dimness of vision.

Loc, Occurs at Fowey, PolruaD, Mellendreth, Pelynt, and Loc. The idea was long entertained that Pus was a veritable secretion, poured out from the vessels under certain abnormal circumstances, and subject to all the laws which control the products of secerning organs general ly. " When cheeses are made twice a day, the work is never done; "" the work lasts all day, from three in Another witness, after giving the details of her spare housekeeping, adds," we never know what it is to get enough to eat; at the end of the meal the children would always eat more. Thomas Robins Bolitho, Penalvenie, Penzance. If carefully done, the growth blanches at once, turns black in a few days, dessicates and falls off, leaving a healthy surface, that heals without a scar. A person who has suffered a well-marked attack of continued fever is far less liable than another, according to my experience, to have that same disease again. A little before five the next morning, I was informed that he was much worse, and, on visiting him, I found his lips blistered from the steam, and perfectly insensible; his breathing most laboured, and gasping as though the glottis was all but closed. If the child lives, notched teeth and inflammation of the eyes (keratitis) develop The treatment of syphilis among the natives is unsatisfactory, as they do not realize the seriousness of the disease, nor the necessity of faithful and prolonged treatment.

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