He also bled from the"'spot-." The bleeding began at his tenth year. In thickness, orange-brown to dark-brown, the upper side showing numerous circular, cup-shaped scars, closely covered below with simple, wiry roots, varying fibrous.

When pressed with the finger in the axilla, they fall iastantly, and when pulled by the head, they incline to turn over. Finally add sufficient water to make the product measure one thousand milliliters.


The abdomen shows no abnormality. The physiological actions of these salts which I wish to emphasize are: The function of regulating the absorption of body fluids and of exudates; the action in the stomach where they combine with lactic acid, liberating hydrochloric acid, thus aiding and increasing the amount of pepsin; the action in the secreting glands of the gastro-intestinal tract increasing the flow of gastric juice, bile, pancreatic juice, and intestinal fluid, promoting appetite, aiding digestion and helping exudation. Pour the mixture upon a wet muslin strainer, and allow the liquid to run off and the precipitate to drain. At necropsy the three rabbits with lesions in the kidneys had urine in the bladder with pus cells and red blood cells. BUNTIN DRUG CO., TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA Manofacturcrs of Veterinary Hypodermic Tablets and Hypodermic Syringes BUNTIN DRUG CO.'S SOLUBLE HYPODERMIC TABLETS. The physic mass of the Edinburgh Veterinary College consists of equal weights of Barbadoes aloes and treacle, with two ounces of ginger to every pound of aloes.

Examining carefully, raising it with my left hand (it was two inches by two and a half in size), I found it proceeded from the urethra, and upon questioning found that while there was frequent desire to urinate, and tormina and tenesmus of the bladder, yet the urine flowed quite freely;"it always made her strain so," she said, and"seemed as if she was never done;" she" had to stop while yet Still more carefully inspecting the case, I saw that while the general mass was globular, yet I could detect upon its surface a set of apparently! concentric rings, becoming smaller and smaller! toward the centrg. In veterinary practice it is chiefly valued for its stimulant action, which, though transient, is prompt and powerful. The quantity of one hundred grains has been so injected, with the effect of producing in eight minutes a complete anaesthesia that lasted an hour, and was followed by a deep sleep, with blunted sensibility, for fourteen hours.

The report is a noteworthy piece of work, and is relevant to the circumstances of the day, in view of the large number of factories which are working overtime on Goverumcnt orders. I animals suffer no neglect, ilek I Our Syringes are substantially made, especially for the use of Veterinary Snrfeons, with strong glass barrel of three drachms capacity, protected by fenestrated metal cylinder, with rings for thumb and fingers. From a theoretical point of view it is possible to obtain at cells, prickle cells, and keratinising cells. The composition of the bile did not become changed. Which of these two schemes would be found to be most satisfactorj- in working was fair matter lor argument; what was not open to question was that the matter should be settled one way or the other at once, so that the committees to be set up may white paper' setting out the general effect of the Admiralty Orders and the Army Orders and Eegulations made or to be made for the payment of allowances from navy or army funds to the dependants (other than widows and children) of sailoi's and soldiers whose deaths are due to the present war: harmonie-medical-service.fr. Botulimtfin when the two are emulsified, incubated emulsified with a type B filtrate and incubated two hours. It should be remarked that there was no predisposition to disease in the family.

" After dinner, disposition to sleep; the patient" After dinner, prostration and feeling of weakness (nine days after taking the remedy)." This remedy was that same oyster-shell which is to be prescribed in fractions of the sextillionth or decillionth degree. As he and others hesitated to accept my explanation, I was not sorry to find recently the following words in the" Observations on Man" of that acute observer and thinker, David" An impression made on the right eye alone by a single object may propagate itself into the left, and there raise up an image almost equal in vividness to itself; and consequently when we see with one eye only, which have since been systematized into the theory of reflex actions, and with which I have attempted to associate this act of reflex vision.

He naturally asks for the simplest and most inexpensive which will enable him to decide whether a given person is color-blind or not. A loop of intestine containing it, compared with another containing another oil, is said to show an appreciable gain over the other in absorption. Not infrequently isolated sporadic cases assume this form, to the great embarrassment of -the practitioner.

Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

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