The expirations are sometimes without sound; but they are also frequently prolonged and sonorous, like the inspirations, though with a somewhat graver quality of tone. The skin was frozen repeatedly, by Dr Arnott's process, without the slightest relief; this patient eventually died of pneumonia seniHs, of the acute form, and of very limited extent, the disease occupying a seat precisely under the affected nerves. In order to distinguish waxy casts, the following procednre is recommended. At the same lime believing that the pathology rested upon the blood changes due to the prepubertal development, I told the parents that no beneficial results would be had from the as directed and nineteen seances were had. On removing the bandage, find that the suture has given way, and about half a pint of very offensive sero-purulent matter flows freely from tiie gaping orifice. That seems to me to be too large a percentage of incurable cases; those of us who have had experience and have practised to any great extent the method of replacing the uterus and overcoming adhesions by systematic packing the vagina, will the uterus would be a fair estimate in which we have to When laparotomy is done for some other purpose, the additional strain of separating the adhesions is comparatively slight. Respiration was difficult and sighing, but he had neither cough nor hsemoptysis. Hall foj his exertions in securing the foundation of arl Hospital library. The case was prolonged, and when con yalescent, upon the sixty-fourth day of the disease, intestinal perforation occurred, followed by collapse, peritonitis, and death at noon the because of the age of the patient, the severity of the disease, and the many complications, finally terminating most favorably. Opium was once vaunted as a specific, and it was claimed that it diminished the tendency to complications in the course of the disease. The perspiration secreted in unusual quantity, and impregnated with morbid elements imbibed from the surface of the intestine and from the mammse,. His diet was limited to certain easily digested articles of food. It simplifies the procedure if the surgeon alone attends to the enucleation. The transmission of tetanus by inoculation is therefore acceptable, but that which is not, is that the agents of this transmission are micro-organisms. Abstraction of heat by cold baths is far less important in its effects than the vitalizing of nerve centres through the reflex stimulus aroused by low temperature applied to the peripheral nerves, and by a reduction of the temperature of the blood circulating in the internal organs.

Under ether the tissues were forcibly stretched and a celluloid splint was made for use at night to prevent any further contraction. Cannabis, which, however, appears to be modified in this article by the other constituents. Louis Medical Reporter, from the official records.

, Zur Statistik der Cholera Nostras. We might pause to ask what has been the factor in bringing about this change for smaller towns, and public hospitals in small cities? Manifestly the founding of these hospitals is due to the fact that more men have been qualified to practice the art of surgery, and the one factor more than any other to bring this about has been clinical instruction at the post-graduate schools and at hospital clinics. Erysipelas had also extended from these spots to the eyelids and cheek, and slightly upwards to the head. At first the symptoms were vague, but soon thev grew markedly tabetic. Chemically it is a protein; its molecule is very complex, and consists of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, and sulnhur. There was also an amelioration in the condition of the throat, and the isthmus of the fauces was less swollen: on the right pillar, there was a very apparent loss of substance: in that situation, the false membranes did not seem to have increased: the obstruction of the nasal fossae remained. Both the fixed and wandering cells are capable of producing fibrin.

The swelling, occasioned, in the first place, by the escape and lodgment of blood between the coats of the vessel, may perhaps explain the severe pain experienced across the chest and in the neck, by the pressure that would exert upon the recurrent branch of the vagus nerve of left side, which winds round the aorta in that situation.


The cases were of the most severe and well defined type. To cure nervous patients it w-as sometimes necessary to remove every obstacle in the way of perfect health physically. Cerebrum, through the corona radiata, internal capsule, crus, pons, medulla, crossed or direct pyramidal columns, to the motor cells in the anterior horn of the spinal cord; thence through the motor nerves to the muscles indicated. Unless the physiology of these organs be kept at the proper standard, treatment of anv kind will prove ineffectual, while waste and loss of strength cannot be repaired, however much the patient be overfed. At the point of contact of the healthy and diseased parts, a deep ulceration formed, from which was sHghtly painful: in the thigh, there was no pain.

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