Hunt, of New Jersey," On our Present and our Needed Knowledge of Epidemics;" notice did our limited space permit.

At the end of that time the fistula got along perfectly well. Egan states it cases which he examined with the speculum, and of which a statistical table is given, that the disease"in the female is not confined to the vagina, as was formerly supposed, but frequently extends to the uterus;" a condition which he thinks sufficient to account for the persistence of the discharge for so lengthened a period in many cases. Lungs or upon chronic affections of the liver. The Chicago Medical Journal tells of one who pursued the business of a druggist in order to sell liquors, and who dispensed strychnine instead of The Chicago College of Pharmacy, we believe, is about its own business, and is nowise responsible for ignorant druggists in druggists could not live twenty-four hours. Post-office orders should be made payable at the West Central District Office, High Holborn. Putting aside the absurdities of looseness of the skin covering the lids, or a morbid attachment of the integument to the orbicular muscle as exciting causes of inversion; we may mention that the doctrines of diseased curving or shrinking of the tarsal cartilages, contraction of the conjunctiva lining the lids, and irregular muscular action, have each had ingenious advocates; and if we take a case of entropium of pretty long standing, there will not usually be any difficulty in discovering all these conditions. Beyond this, it discloses, with the effusiveness characteristic of his countrymen, those qualities of heart which have made him not only the respected but also the popular teacher Flat-foot in Young Infants. But whether so sold or not, if they contain poison they cannot lawfully be sold by anyone except a qualified chemist. In other eases of tuberculous cervical adenitis in which Dr. Even when it is examined, it is difficult to estimate the extent of the trauma, for an apparently large tear may almost disappear in a few hours, when the cervix has contracted. Strengthens me in believing with those who hold that there is more than a coincidental relationship between cardiovascular diseases and and' smothering" sensation. - it becomes necessary to extend the rectus incision downward, cutting through one or more of the important nerves, compromising the strength of the muscle and allowing hernia to develop. Surgeon Captain-Stalkartt is posted to general Surgeon-Major G. As the morning approaches, the sleep is disturbed, and at five o'clock precisely, and daily (with only an occasional intermission, sometimes lasting for weeks), the pain sets in. This seeming defect in the work has taken place with the author's full knowledge, for, as he tells us in his preface, he has mainly accomplished the purpose of the book by pointing out the faults, leaving their correction to the intelligence and self-interest of the individual, who will naturally seek the advice of some expert or sanitary engineer. Digressing from the vessels to the animal spirits, Nebsext tells us that these vital spirits enter one nostril, penetrate to the heart through the tube which carries them into the body-cavity. The blood picture after operation showed marked improve In general the studies indicated a tendency to lose N before splenectomy and to retain N afterward the operation seemed to restore the capacity for ni trogen utilization. The abscess quickly healed; but the boy evidently was not well, for there was complaint of headache and refusal of food, and he also vomited. Similarly, no connection can be traced between the geological formation of an area and the density A lengthy appendix gives the leper" ratios according to the The Alleged Inchease ov Leprosy. The primiparae had four spontaneous and eleven operative labors, as compared with nine spontaneous and three operative labors, respectively, in the multiparae. With a supravaginal hysterectomy, the ends of the round ligaments and the upper part of the broad ligaments should be sutured to the stump of the cervix to prevent descensus, or, in cases of marked prolapse, the cervix may be attached to the anterior abdominal wall. By the same author is the following paper:"What is Puerperal Fever?" His answer is affections in puerperal women. The consideration of a mass of detail, as well as of questions of principle, and brings the Committee more and more into habitual communication with nearly r.ll the public oflices and great departments of the State.

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He mentioned incidentally that he had only beetk enabled to discover two other specimens in the museums of polypi presenting this peculiar shape.

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